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Offshore Development: To Be or Not to Be

Over the past few decades, offshore software development has proved to be the most viable choice for many companies and brands. The decision to outsource work to a partner in a region with a different timezone than the company’s headquarters can be easily explained by the couple of essential factors: the best talent access and possibility to accelerate development and leverage the latest technology with minimal development costs.

Software Development

Why is Everybody So Mad About Concurrency

Earlier in the beginning of April, PieSoft programmers were listening to, learning from, and were inspired by the latest technical developments in the Java Ecosystem at the international conference JPoint-2019. The event took place in Moscow, Russia and brought together over a thousand participants and 43 speakers with their reports synchronized on four parallel tracks. Among various topics most frequently discussed within the event, particular emphasis was placed on a successful development of a new


PieSoft Hardware Development Team

On the 13th floor, at the very top of the Gomel Technopark, in office 13-03 (a pretty fearsome combination of numbers, yeah?) very unusual things for an IT company happen: transistors-resistors-circuits-boards - details in short - are lying all over the place. Moreover, there is a very specific odor all over the hall - that’s how the hardware smells. Plus soldering iron, flux, electrical tape, and, perhaps, technical oil. Or something else. Traditional IT-guys try to avoid this place, making their way between the staircase and the cozy lounge room in two big leaps. And on Friday evening, all these strange things get even much stranger there…

Software Development

Who Ya Gonna Call? PieSoft Tech Support Department!

Let’s continue our acquaintance with PieSoft professional team. The heroes of today’s story are real IT first aid officers, our go-to guys for everyone who needs IT help in case of emergency. Not for nothing, but Oleg Kurnitsov (aka SuperOleg) - the winner in nomination “The most responsive colleague-2018” is also from this department. Though the badge with the same title can be given to everyone involved in the industry, cause it’s impossible to imagine our everyday office life without these brave guys. So, meet - PieSoft Support&Tech Department!



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