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PieSoft brought our start-up to the next level


Together with PieSoft, we created an extremely vital supply chain management system for our region. We came to the PieSoft business analysts having only the slightest idea of what to do and no actual technical requirements. As a result, PieSoft’s software experts provided us with a comprehensive solution that exceeded our expectations. Appreciating their expertise, we developed our MVP with PieSoft who helped us to evolve our start-up with a viable software system. When our business colleagues asked us to recommend a reliable software development company, we suggested that they consult with PieSoft. As far as we know, they are pleased with the collaboration as well. 


Reliable and attentive software experts 


PieSoft made a great first impression by providing my software development company with an experienced software architect. Impressed by the quality of the app architecture they created, we decided to cooperate with PieSoft comprehensively and hired a dedicated team for my company. Together with PieSoft, we developed several projects and every time got outstanding results. PieSoft’s team complied with our principles, establishing a streamlined workflow and executing timely tasks, which provided a cost-effective and beneficial collaboration. Every PieSoft expert we worked with is a reliable professional with extensive expertise that is always ready to jump into the process, bring some creative ideas and overview the technological perspectives. 


Vital role in successful start-up development


PieSoft played a crucial role in developing our start-up. They were highly involved in the project and passionate about the ideas they brought. The PieSoft team went beyond fulfilling requests and made valuable recommendations on the product areas to improve. Being responsive and always ready to help, they invested in building positive relationships from the beginning of our cooperation.

Retail & Marketing

We highly appreciate their contribution


We started to work with PieSoft when we urgently needed an experienced QA engineer for our project. In the course of work, we were amazed by their incredibly high level of competence and engagement. Next time, when our project required UX design and Java development, we, without a doubt, turned to the PieSoft experts and received excellent results again. We can always count on our continuous collaboration with PieSoft and get their quality consultancy and development services.


A post of gratitude and happiness


We express our gratitude to the PieSoft design team for significantly contributing to our social project that provides meaningful employment opportunities for young people with disabilities. The designers worked thoroughly and offered many options for our logo and website design to correctly express our values. It was a great experience cooperating with PieSoft’s skilled and attentive experts, especially considering that their help was on a charity project. Thanks to PieSoft’s involvement, we can increase people’s awareness of the importance of fostering socialization and direction following for skilled employees with all abilities.


A game-changer for our company


PieSoft has been a game-changer for our company. They got to know our business so well that they suggested workflows and solutions of which we had not even thought. With their responsive and considerate specialists, we have built a complex IT infrastructure for our healthcare company. PieSoft took care of all the healthcare specifics, focusing equally on tech development, security, and regulatory compliance. They delivered more than 10 solutions with a consistent ROI, addressing our pharmaceuticals, insurance, HR, logistics, and warehousing needs. We are truly grateful to have PieSoft as our technological partner. 

Our Mission

We strive to help start-ups and businesses change the world for the better by becoming their technology partner and understanding their needs and goals in order to design an effective solution that advances their business to the next level.

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Some of Our Projects

Our team has experience working with individuals, small start-ups, and large corporations.
Convey your brand message to your audiences, allowing the design to speak for itself.

Application for radio signal coverage calculation

Desktop application for a radio signal coverage calculation for a building/area/room (5G, Wi-Fi). 

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CRM System for Insurance Company

CRM software to optimize business processes at a health insurance company

AJAXAmazon S3BootstrapComposerDoctrineJSONLESSMySQL 5.7PHP7Symfony3TwigXML

View more


Supply Chain Management System

Reliable software to easily track and verify goods at all vital production and retail steps 

Java 11Material UIMicroservicesMySQLReact JSSparkSpring Boot

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CIRRUS: Take Charge of your Health

A robust web application with a dynamic environment for US health insurance companies

Amazon AWSBootstrapCypressDockerDoctrineElasticsearchGitLab CI/CDHTML5JavaScriptMemcachedMySQL 5.7Nginx NodeJSPHP7PHPUnit RabbitMQSymfony 3.4TwigTypeScriptVue.js

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Document Management Software

Document Management Software for Accounting Firms

Web solution to streamline the process of interaction with clients

AG GridRedux

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ERP System

ERP solution for efficient workflows and task management

Amazon Route53Amazon S3Amazon SESBootstrapMySQLPHP5Rest APISOAPSSLSymfony2

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Meopin Medical Platform

Meopin Medical Platform

Revamp the Meopin platform to improve user experience, expand its functionality, and increase successful connections between patients and healthcare professionals in Germany and Luxembourg.


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One-stop solution

Technology Partnership: More than Outsourcing

One-stop solution provider for our partner in the US healthcare and insurance domain


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web solution for call-centers

Call processing system

Web solution for call-centers

Web application with a view to gathering initial information about patients

Admin LTEAJAXAmazon Aurora DBAmazon Dynamo DBAmazon S3AWS ElasticBeanstalkBootstrapElasticCacheHibernateJava 8 EEjQueryJSONSpring MVCThymeleaf

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Shipment confirmation system for pharmacies

Web application that provides automatic confirmation services for the network of US based pharmacies

AJAXAmazon Aurora DBAmazon Dynamo DBAmazon S3Amazon SQSAWS ElasticBeanstalkElasticCacheHibernateJava 8 EEjQueryJSONMaterial-UISpring MVCThymeleaf

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Medical CRM System

The web application was designed for the health insurance companies running their business on the territory of the USA.

AJAXAmazon S3BootstrapComposerDoctrineJSONPHP7Symfony3Twig

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UX/UI redesign

Interface Redesign Project

Interface redesign for an app that remotely operates with cameras and images

Adobe IllustratorFigmaWireframing & prototyping

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UX/UI redesign

Cirrus Survey UX/UI redesign

Redesign of the interface to improve the interaction experience and reduce pain points

Adobe IllustratorFigmaWireframing & prototyping

View more

UX/UI redesign

Clear Spring Health Onboarding: UI redesign

Onboarding interface redesign to make it user-friendly and up-to-date

Adobe IllustratorFigmaWireframing & prototyping

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Custom Camera Module Design

Сustom camera module to capture images in low-light condition


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Data security tool

Data security for isolated computing networks: ships security solution

Reliable, easy-to-use data security tool for isolated computing networks.

C++Color touch displayDDR3EthernetLinux OSNXP i.MX6 series processorPCB designRaspberry Pi boardSDL2USB

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Sugar control system

More than a glucometer: developing portable sugar control system

Integrated hardware solution with a holistic IT infrastructure, including a mobile app.

AssemblerBluetooth LECLCD displayMicrochip PIC18Nordic nRFST STM32 MCU families

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Streamlining Factoring Services Development

Streamlining Factoring Services

PieSoft assembled a team of skilled developers to create a unified and efficient factoring solution for the bank, leveraging modern technologies and tools.

AnsibleDockerJavaJenkinsOracleSpring Framework

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Enhancing Banking Efficiency through a Custom Monitoring Tool Case

Enhancing Banking Efficiency

PieSoft developed a custom monitoring tool using a relevant tech stack, creating an efficient and user-friendly solution that enhanced the bank’s overall efficiency in managing and monitoring credit lines

EJB3GitHibernateJavaJava EEJPAMavenOracle DBRest APIRESTEasy

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Revolutionizing Financial Services for SMEs through an International Banking Platform

International Banking Platform for SMEs

PieSoft's international banking platform revolutionizes financial services for SMEs, providing tailored solutions, facilitating access to financial services, and empowering entrepreneurs for growth..

Apache POIJavaJDBCTemplatePostgreSQLSpring BootSpring CloudSwagger

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Global Digital Portal for ScienceSoft

Developing a Global Digital Portal for ScienceSoft

Develop ScienceSoft's Global Digital Portal to attract customers, incorporating contact forms, a blog, news section, demo pages and web-services for sitemap generation, articles synchronization and improved blog workflow.

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Implementing a Serverless Event-Handling System

Enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of the tour operator's services to improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction rates

AWS LambdaDockerElasticsearchGroovyJavaJmeterPostgreSQLSpringSpring BootSpring Data

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Comprehensive Portal for Active Older People

Comprehensive Portal for Active Older People

To create an all-inclusive online portal that enables active older people to learn new skills and engage in various activities without leaving their homes. The portal should offer a wide range of activities, including gymnastics exercises, culinary recipes, self-care tips, brain-training games, dancing, singing, drawing, foreign language lessons, and more.

BitbucketElasticsearchFlywayHibernateJavaJOOQMySQLPostgreSQLRabbitMQRest APISpringSpring Framework

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Marketing tool

STRATFLAG: Right Words for Brilliant Ideas

A robust one-stop SEO/SEA web application to enhance marketing strategy

AWS EC2AWS RDSAWS S3DockerGoogle SDKJava 11JMSKotlin 1.4PostgreSQLReact JSReactive WEBServer Side EventSpring AOPSpring BootSpring CloudSpring DataSpring Data Rest

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