PieSoft at Seamless Middle East 2024!

Our Head of Business Development, Viktoriya, proudly represented PieSoft.us at the pivotal business expansion event, Seamless Middle East 2024 in Dubai. This remarkable gathering attracted over 25,000 attendees from all over the world, featuring hundreds of speakers, including industry leaders, and showcasing the latest innovations in payments, fintech, banking, identity, retail, e-commerce, delivery, digital, and marketing. The event provided a unique platform for businesses to demonstrate their cutting-edge solutions and to discuss the future of these industries in a rapidly evolving market.

Key Sessions and Speakers 

Seamless Middle East boasted an impressive lineup of speakers, with the top three sessions offering profound insights into the future of banking and payments:

  • – Francesco Burelli led a discussion on “Mainstream Digital Payments,” featuring Garry Ceaplen, Neeraj Makin, Motasim Iqbal, and Devid Jegerson. This session delved into the transformative impact of digital payment solutions on mainstream financial transactions, highlighting key trends and future directions.
  • – Mark Rennie Davis moderated a panel on “Prime Time for Real-Time Transactions,” with speakers Vishal Tikyani, Mahesh Nagavalli, Andrew Mc Cormack, Nader Abdelrazik, Anupam Pahuja, and Ahmed Al-Ben Saleh. The discussion centered around the growing demand for real-time payment systems and their implications for the financial sector.
  • – Tina Charisma moderated a panel on “Intelligent Decisioning with AI and Machine Learning,” with Karim Hajjaji, Mohamed Abdel-Razek, Fatmah Boathman, and Fernando Plaza. This session explored how AI and machine learning are revolutionizing decision-making processes in various financial and commercial applications.

Building Future Collaborations

Our team engaged in numerous communications, paving the way for potential collaborations and growth opportunities. We connected with key industry players, discussed innovative solutions, and explored partnerships that could drive future success. The event was a fantastic platform for networking, sharing ideas, and discovering new business prospects. We also had the opportunity to showcase PieSoft.us’s latest advancements and discuss how our solutions can meet the evolving needs of the market. The interactions and meetings we had during the event have set the stage for exciting developments and collaborations that we look forward to pursuing in the coming months. 


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