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The first user impression of the product comes from the design. Interfaces, graphic elements, the quality of UI/UX – everything matters when it comes to the presentability and usability of your digital presence. Whether you have a mobile app or website, the online competition is enormous. To succeed and distinguish yourself, you need to build a strong identity that shapes your brand message to the clients through the visuals.

The PieSoft team is ready to help your business stand out and stick in the memory even before users start interacting with your product. Being powered by high-level experts, we provide you with custom brand development and comprehensive design services. Our team focuses on quality solutions to effectively reflect your company’s value and captivate clients at first glance.


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Work with award winning designers and let your business stand out.


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Trusted by thousands of clients worldwide, we create designs that work.


Design Categories

Our talented team can design everything from an iOS app to a sticker.


PieSoft UI/UX design services help start-ups, small and midsize businesses from various industries build the most effective design solutions and create impactful digital products that people love to use.


Complete product research

We understand how you feel about the project that you want to be user-friendly, reliable, and reflect the best your company may provide. And we don’t wait for your instructions. We listen to your short- and long-term goals and are eager to offer you the features and strategies you need.

End-to-end solution

From UI/UX design services to development, at your request, we can keep an eye on everything geeky in between, involving system integrations and highly available infrastructure development. We have 100+ specialists on board, and there is almost no challenge that our experienced team may not deal with.

Value for money

Working with start-ups and rapidly developing companies has strengthened the idea that whatever product development stage is in line – prototype, MVP, MMP, fully-fledged product – the result must be showy, reliable, and cost-effective. Consider us as your best worthwhile investment that gotta be paid off asap.

Top in-house experts

Backed by the 10 years of UI/UX practices, our PieSoft design experts can build interfaces of various complexity levels. We have extensive skills working with the latest industry trends and the never-dying classics. At PieSoft, we perfectly understand your business needs and offer you the most optimal design solution.

How We Make UI/UX Design



Requirements and documentations

In the first stage, we get acquainted with your documentation and a clear sense of your requirements to dive deep into the details right away.

Competitor analysis

We identify all the strengths and weaknesses of your company and its main competitors, creating a comprehensive vision of your market position.


User research & analysis

Personas, interview

Our goal is to create a believable and lively character and thus focus on understanding your audience better, creating solutions more efficiently.

Customer journey map (CJM), empathy map, user flow

We focus on your customers’ expectations and build strategies to eliminate any problems when they interact with your company digitally.


Prototyping & visual design

Prototyping (low, high, interactive)

We schematically represent the interface prototype, work out the end-to-end user path in the interface, and pay attention to the main scenarios.

This stage may include the following services:

  • User Experience (UX) research
  • Customer and competitors analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Testing and iteration
  • Coordination with BA, QI, DevOps

Increase your revenue with great customer experience

Our UI/UX design experts successfully build digital and product design, relying on their 10 years of expertise in the field.

The constant workflow and comprehensive analysis of versatile brands give us a unique view of industry trends and the latest innovative solutions. And we’d love to share our extensive experience with you.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is also known as communication design. It transfers ideas and shapes your business concepts via various visual forms, including fonts, colors, images, prints, custom logo design, photography, animation, and billboards.

The graphic design aims to inspire, inform, and captivate your consumers. Make your business visible with PieSoft outstanding graphic design services.

Why Choose PieSoft


We enhance value and brand message

We are committed to creating a top-class marketing piece for you to reflect the desired message utterly and express your brand uniqueness at its best.


We plan for the possibilities

We never start a new project without a comprehensive preliminary estimation of our efforts to provide a transparent and scalable workflow within budget.


We know your business domain

Our design team strives to deliver the best possible solution for your business. Before starting a project, we research your industry, competitors, trends, and target market.


We reconcile design and psychology

Graphic design is all about nonverbal messages. For instance, the color is one of the classified tools to help your idea catch the customers’ attention and increase sales.

Graphic Design Services We Offer

PieSoft graphic design experts are here to propel your business forward and help your company become recognizable and prominent. Discover graphic design services we offer.

Creative team

Get your own creative team to produce outstanding visuals for your product brand design, advertising campaigns, efficient sales, and so much more.

Brand identity development

We have extensive experience creating identity design for brands from diverse industries, such as marketing, construction, healthcare, and retail.

Visual images

Our team provides a comprehensive approach to image creation. We make images and designs through 3D modeling, photography, image editing, and infographics.

Logo design

Custom logo design visually expresses the organization’s key message and value. A logo is an essential aspect of brand design and your identity.

Interface design

Aligning graphic and web design, we create user interfaces and various visual elements to enhance the user experience through your seamless web page design.

Content development

Written, graphic, video, sound, or other multimedia content – an all-in-one message solution is at your disposal, depending on your business needs.

Build your identity design

The head-turning graphic design puts any user experience into a fascinating discovery. Build your identity design with PieSoft, and enhance the relationships with customers through a compelling story of your brand.Consult

Mobile App Design Services

UI/UX mobile app design is not just a minor aspect of mobile app development but a key component of your product strategy. PieSoft mobile app design services help you cope with two main design tasks: building user interface wireframes and developing user interface layouts for the future application.

Relying on their 18 years of expertise, our UX/UI specialists provide robust assistance in creating Android and IoS apps design, ensuring the correct user flow and impeccable appearance.

Our Mobile App Design Approach


Research & analysis

PieSoft is a full-fledged software provider with a vast pool of experts in every central area of development. In particular, the requirements and specifications created by our business analysts are the basis for the mobile app design we create.


Layouts & wireframes

After a detailed project analysis and roadmap are done, PieSoft mobile design team weaves their magic and squeezes even the most sophisticated features into a user-friendly mobile app, planning how it will respond to every touch and swipe of the user.


UI/UX design

After a detailed project analysis and roadmap are done, PieSoft mobile design team weaves their magic and squeezes even the most sophisticated features into a user-friendly mobile app, planning how it will respond to every touch and swipe of the user.


Clear communication

Our customers are from all over the globe, so we know how essential it is to streamline communication between them and our development teams via daily, weekly, and monthly calls and meetings so that all stakeholders have a clear vision of the business objectives on the line.

Consistent delivery

We work with projects of different types, sizes, and complexity levels. To achieve the best results, the PieSoft design team follows the flexible and proactive development approach that allows us to complete your project on time while avoiding urgent work, rework and schedule disruptions.

Scaling on demand

We believe that the mobile app design process should be the least of the worries for our customers. When conditions change, and you need to expand your team or bring new competencies into the project – PieSoft has top multi-skilled specialists at your disposal!

Cutting-edge practices

Given the nature of the fast-changing mobile software world, our mobile app designers always keep pace with the trends. Continuously exploring new perspectives and methods, we create visual solutions that adapt to the new patterns seamlessly and win the user’s attention at all times.

Let the design benefit your business

Want to get reliable design services for your mobile app to steal the customer’s heart once and forever?

Build unique iOS and Android apps design with PieSoft professional team, or augment your business with our design experts.


We are open to new challenging tasks and
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