Case Study: Need for Speed

Many of the conditions that will determine the market in 2020+ – no matter how dark they may seem – are already in place. But that doesn’t mean your business’s fate is sealed.

Today we are beginning a series of case studies that will demonstrate how high-tech, state-of-the-art targeted measures are able to change even the most conservative business industries with the impressive history of avoiding serious IT-decisions.

Case 1. Need for Speed: Shipment Confirmation System to Free Your Employees and Let Them Do Their Job

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

The context in which pharma operates has changed dramatically. The needs of a fast-growing network of pharmacies for our Client placed an acceleration of contacting the patients with the purpose of fast, but compliant services in the list of top-priority goals.

Shipment confirmation system was aimed at boosting communications with patients in order to receive confirmations timely from them for refills and initial fills for a vast network of drug-stores all across the US.

Cost factors and economic feasibility of the solution proposed were reflected in the contact hierarchy starting from the least expensive ways of contact: emails, adding text messages and IVR calls in case of no response.

The system fulfills all those types of contact in an adjustable and flexible manner so that the business owner can analyze contact productivity results and select the best-fit schedule for that.

The scheduling module of the developed software made it possible to adjust the IVR in order to contact a patient taking into account two important issues: 1- they’re not on the “do not call” list; 2 – the call is made at a time suitable for the patient.

In cases IVR is not enough to capture the patient’s consent for receiving a prescribed medicines package, the software either switches the call to the relevant Customer Service employee or gives a notification of work hours for such specialists.

Using our software leads to a high (up to 75%) range of confirmation within a limited period of time.

What is more, the developed software helps increase audit efficiency significantly by means of a vast incorporated reports module (up to 10 report options are provided). It allows you to track refill confirmations and pull the confirmation records at request in no time. Every consent is documented and stored for an unlimited amount of time for each pharmacy.

Well, let’s go over it again, just in case you left out any details:

  • 75 % of received confirmations
  • 10 detailed reports on the productivity of performed calls
  • Marketing decisions are made on the basis of reporting numbers analysis (audience, geolocation, consumed medicines analysis)
  • Failed contacts attempts analysis to increase confirmation rates
  • Per pharmacy configuration of confirmation system launch
  • Extensive calls/emails/texts schedule configurations
  • Logged and easy-to-reach calls history

The pharma market is expected to grow at a substantial pace in the next couple of years. Our software solution is one of the actions that are long overdue and absolutely necessary to maximize workflow, monitor performance, and streamline management structure. All in the name of achieving the principal goal – freeing up pharmacists to counsel patients.


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