About Us

At PieSoft, we understand that technology is more than just code and algorithms. It's about real people, real challenges, and real dreams. That's why we approach our work with empathy, integrity, and a genuine commitment to your success. With 12 years of industry experience and headquartered in Pennsylvania, we've made innovation accessible, adaptable, and as easy as pie.

Our Identity

12 Years of Excellence

A legacy of innovation tailored to real people, real challenges

Located in Pennsylvania

Your local team of technology experts

Development as Easy as Pie

We make technology approachable, intuitive, and effective.

Our Mission

Understanding Your Vision

We start by listening, turning dreams into reachable goals

Shaping Technology Around You

Customized solutions that make innovation as simple as pie

Focused on Your Financial Outcomes

Ensuring that our strategies contribute to your bottom line

Making a Difference Together

A partnership where technology and creativity merge seamlessly

Our Values


People first, technology that serves, not confuses.


Keeping things fresh, just like your favorite slice of pie.


Transparent, honest, and dedicated to your success.

Our Approach


We Listen

Tailoring our expertise to your unique needs


We Adapt

Growing with you, shaping solutions around your dynamic goals


We Care

A long-term relationship that goes beyond projects


We Focus

Your business goals are our priority

Our Team

Meet the Experts: Talented chefs in the world of technology


Chief Executive Officer, Founder

The values that Andris holds dear have shaped the very foundation of PieSoft. Much like his favorite superhero, Captain America, he leads with integrity, innovation, and a strong sense of community. His vision has crafted a company where technology serves real-world needs, and collaboration and empathy are at the heart of everything we do.

Director of Technology

In the dynamic tech realm, Konstantin stands unwavering. His ceaseless initiatives drive progress fearlessly, transcending limits. Beyond his Director of Technology role, he navigates uncharted territories with audacity, championing innovation and equity.

Trish Flannery Project Coordinator PieSoft

Project Coordinator

Trish orchestrates the initial stages of our projects, serving as a vital connection between clients and our team, ensuring everything starts on the right foot.

Executive Director at PieSoft Poland

Tatyana believes in connecting people and ideas, and that’s what she brings to our Poland operations.

Yegor Titulenko COO at PieSoft Poland

COO at PieSoft Poland

Yegor’s not just a tech wizard; he’s an Agile thinker, always looking for new ways to innovate.

Head of Business Development

Viktoriya’s all about relationships. She knows business is about more than just transactions; it’s about people.

Head Of Marketing

Anastasia leads our marketing, turning marketing from a goal into a meaningful path that consonants with values.

Anastasia Surta Head Of-Design PieSoft

Head Of Design

Anastasia exudes confidence and creativity, infusing practicality with beauty in her designs. Fearless in the face of challenges, she shapes novel ideas into captivating solutions. Her work is her passion.

Project Management Team Leader

Yauheni’s role as a Project Management Team Leader is merely a starting point; he exudes a blend of serene assurance and modern ingenuity. With a touch of wit and a dash of creativity, he boldly tackles challenges head-on, skillfully guiding projects with unwavering composure and infectious confidence.

Head of DevOps, AWS SAA

Sergey’s calm under pressure and has a knack for making complex systems run smoothly.

Vladimir Zavorotny Embedded Team Leader PieSoft

 Embedded Team Leader

Vladimir constantly seeks modern, smart, and bold solutions, leading our embedded team with an adventurous and fearless spirit.

Java Team Leader

Vasili, a progressive and modern thinker, leads our Java team with a kind heart and a clear set of values, always eager to share his extensive knowledge.


Headquartered in the United States and Europe, we deliver globally



We are open to new challenging tasks and
we'd love to  learn more about your project.