PieSoft Developers in 2020!
Summing Up the Year

2021 is too close, and since we can’t hide from it even behind the most effective face mask, let’s recap what’s happened so far and face the truth: it’s not all doom and gloom.

Yes, we will never forget this year.

We rebuilt personal boundaries and bridged terabytes of distances between colleagues, family, and friends. We were discovering new levels of mutual help and support.

We were worried about our business, got the best out of the situation, and did everything possible to get closer to our goals.

And our efforts were not in vain. Here in PieSoft, we managed to turn 2020 into a real adventure time! But adventure isn’t an adventure without a cache of gems. Check out PieSoft developers’ main achievements and the most important insights regarding the outgoing year.

Insight 1: IT outsourcing is the new black

In the face of pandemic and incessant lockdowns, an autonomous team of brave and, most importantly, remote software developers is something worth betting on. Along with the doctors, social workers, volunteers, and many other 2020 heroes, these guys participated in this valuable contribution and did a great job delivering digital innovations to help people with immediate and changed needs.

Insight 2: Time to measure what is treasured by PieSoft developers

And the most outstanding value for us is the time spent delivering custom IT solutions for specifically our clients’ businesses. In numbers, this means the following:

126645 hours of non-stop work on forming an idea from scratch to kickstart a full and well-designed business model.

192 total number of positions our technicians occupied at different development stages.

24 new businesses came to our sandbox.

14 longtime family-like friends decided to do some new business stuff with us.

15 projects were successfully extended for the coming year.

Insight 3: All (not so)quiet on the PieSoft Front-end developers

In 2020, businesses moved to the Internet once and for all. This means the stable demand for front-end developers has become even more durable. So that the guys do not panic from the increased attention being drawn to them, we have created a Front-End Department to accumulate all the expertise, teams, skills, and scale to deliver sophisticated software solutions.

Insight 4: PieSoft developers on Treasure Island

PieSoft Java developers seem to occupy one of the most promising development areas due to the high demand for their craft during the last decade at PieSoft. Most often, so expected, they delivered Java applications from scratch. But there also were several points related to taking over someone else’s project (Guys who left their creation unfinished by force of circumstances, wherever you are, we hope you’re ok, know – your projects didn’t go to waste!).

Insight 5: Let my people grow

And last but not the worst achievement we are grateful this crazy year for is the enormous opportunities for self-development. There were numerous accomplishments in this respect, but the most valuable achievements are ones of IT project management (PMI. Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master Training – Alex Rabykin, Java team lead) and AWS cloud practitioner certification (AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate – Sergey Ponomarenko, IT dep. team lead).

Anyway, it’s been a crazy year, a little shocking and a little bittersweet, but in the end, it might not be such a bad thing – we all want to do our own thing and continue to grow. Let it be. And let it snow.


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