PieSoft IT Educational Courses

Recruitment can be an issue of concern when it comes to information technologies. Or it can be a part of a well-organized and highly efficient training that enriches the team with active and qualified professionals pulling together in the same direction according to the company’s top priorities. We believe that if you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s why PieSoft focuses much on various in-house IT educational courses and workshops useful for novices and specialists alike. Consider some of the latest educational activities at our company.

Java Development Laboratory

Java Development Laboratory
At Java Development Laboratory Courses, the developers try out new programming and project design approaches.

We know how difficult it is to begin a career in the branch. We also understand the challenge of keeping up to date, constantly improving, and absorbing relevant technology developments. For this reason, PieSoft is always eager to share its knowledge and experience at free Java Development Laboratory Courses aimed at both beginners and experienced developers who would like to try out new approaches for programming and project design.

Remarkably, the courses provide an advanced educational program for learning Java and other modern WEB technologies along with teamwork in actual cases. Such an approach improves students’ communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, appreciation for collaboration, and, what is more, willingness to be actively involved in international projects.

Software Testing Course

PieSoft QA Course
Piesoft QA Course is useful both for novices and specialists alike.

One of Piesoft’s core competencies is Software Quality Assurance. That is why educational courses for QA engineers mean so much to us. The method is helpful for beginners and those who already have some experience in the field.

The course program includes:

  • Test plans
  • Test cases
  • Bug tracking best practices
  • Collaboration with developers
  • Error recovery control
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Testing Management and more

From the simple paper clip verification to the testing of applications with some sophisticated user interfaces – all these challenges can be adequately addressed by our graduates.

PieSoft IT educational courses for Juniors League

PieSoft Junior League Course
PieSoft Junior League Course is aimed at the children of the company employees, but the plans are much more significant.

PieSoft new project is putting “T” to “I” for the youngest learners. Every week, children aged 6 to 9 open the door to the fantastic programming world at the company’s head office, improving their knowledge of Scratch and surprising their parents with amazing music cards, games and cartoons. Currently, courses are being conducted for the children of our company employees, but the plans are much, much bigger.

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