Wearable Technology: Does the Tech Fit Your Business?

Wearable technology or, simply put, wearables are getting more and more integrated into our lives. Wearables are smart electronic gadgets that you wear on your body. We all know probably the most famous device of this kind – the Apple Watch, but what about the other tech breakthroughs? Are they worth your attention, and how can you implement them into your business? Let’s define what exactly relates to wearables and look into the wearable technology trends!

Despite the first modern mass-market wearable – calculator watch – being produced in 1977, Smart wearable technology became widely popular only in the last two decades. The demand was growing together with their meaning, turning calculator watches or portable music devices yesterday into sophisticated all-in-one clickers in 2021. Now wearables mean providing some information, sending data to or from your phone, tracking your body signals, and analyzing them.

The gadgets can be presented in different forms – jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, wristbands, and so many more. The latest wearable technology includes devices that are embedded in your shoes, clothes, or even skin. Sounds unbelievable, right? Almost every possible industry can find something helpful from this variety! So, what is currently at its peak then?

new wearable technology in healthcare
Healthcare wearable gadgets are particularly popular today

Healthcare wearable gadgets

Over the last year and a half, new wearable technology has become very beneficial for the healthcare industry. Pandemic rapidly increased people’s need for easy and fast health control. At the moment, this is the most promising and innovative field for wearables.

  • Some of the unusual latest wearable technology in healthcare are Smart Ring and Smart Shoes. The ring measures activity, heart rate, movements, and sleep quality. The shoes are responsible for step count, foot pressure measurement, caloric burn, and even tracking GPS location. Both are connected to the app on your phone, and you can easily track all the information. Also, these apps can provide you with some meditations, music to sleep, and other relaxing tricks.
  • Smartwatches and wristbands are trending now – our hands move all the time, even when we don’t feel it. So they provide the most accurate data about our movements, while veins and arteries help track our pulse and blood pressure better. There is also a relatively new feature used in some smartwatches – electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring. The watch can even send the ECG report to your doctor! This smart wearable technology, along with rings and shoes, is super comfortable during workouts and other activities, so more people are getting interested.
  • Another important new wearable technology in 2020-2021 is the biosensor that can be incredibly helpful for medical staff load relief, especially during the pandemic. A biosensor is basically a patch that you put on your body so it can collect the information. People track all the necessary data, such as blood oxygen, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, temperature, etc. And only when necessary, they consult a doctor helping you avoid wasting time in lines to make some simple procedures. How cool is that?
  • The last but not least trending smart wearable technology in healthcare is fitness trackers. In times of lockdown, people started to worry about their activities more. Because of the obvious lack of movement, people felt the need to track their steps, burn calories, and other vital parameters. Fitness trackers are presented probably in the most forms – bracelets, smartwatches, rings, clips, shoes, and clothes – lots of options to find something suitable.

Does wearable technology fit my business?

Well, if you own a healthcare company or something related to sport and wellness – you’re in luck! You can fit any latest wearable technology from above into your hardware development and benefit from it – people always care about their health, not only during the pandemic.

latest wearable technology in entertainment industry
The future of entertainment is with wearable technology

Wearable gadgets in entertainment industry

What do we do when we stay at home a lot? Right, we try to entertain ourselves! Since last year, the entertainment industry has been increasing. That’s why companies got the opportunity to produce more unusual smart devices. Here come wearable technology trends in entertainment:

  • VR HMDs. These are head-mounted displays with virtual reality. Good old virtual reality systems provide a better gaming experience. After a year full of lockdowns, virtual reality is still trending! And, as game designers say, VR HMDs will not die but only develop and improve in the future.
  • AR HMDs. This smart wearable technology is different from VR. Augmented reality is not totally virtual, it adds some virtual 3D objects to the existing reality, and that opens a wide field of opportunities for companies’ online promotion.
  • Gaming suit. This one looks really similar to underwater gear, except the Gaming suit has lots of microprocessors that give you vibration, touch feeling, and other sensory experiences when you’re playing.

Does wearable technology fit my business?

VR wearable technology and gaming suits are specific, and it’s hard to find them useful for development if you don’t run a gaming company. But AR’s latest wearable technology is what you can implement into other kinds of businesses. Fashion, cosmetic products, furniture companies, eateries, and so many others – use your imagination!

smart wearable technology
People love wearable devices, and their proper implementation may benefit your company and customers


We looked into wearable technology trends, so now you can analyze them and think if you need to implement some wearables into your hardware development business. Customers love wearable devices – it’s new, easy, and comfortable. The future lies in smart wearable technology, and if you find the proper implementation, this can benefit your company and customers well.


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