Custom CRM and ERP Systems

Business Management Solutions

Business Management Solutions are key tools for a company's growth.
The custom CRM system is like a detailed notebook, always remembering what each customer likes, ensuring they're taken care of.
The ERP system is like the company's backbone, coordinating different parts to make sure everything works together seamlessly. Combined, they're vital for a company to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Business Management Solutions WE BUILD

Deciding Between CRM and ERP: Which Suits You Best?

CRM and ERP systems might seem similar, but they play different roles in business. We’ve simplified their functions here to help you choose the right one for your unique requirements



Front-end development

  • JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript
  • React, Angular, Vue.js
  • Next.js, Redux, MobX, VueX,
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Back-end development

  • PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Yii
  • Java, Spring, Kotlin
  • NodeJS, Express, NestJS

Databases and AMQP

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, AWS SQS


  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Jenkins
  • AWS DevTools, CI/CD

Cloud and Monitoring

  • Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • ELK Stack, Kibana, CloudWatch

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