Delivery Confirmation System to Free Up Your Employees

Starting from 2020 and switching our everyday life to the lockdowns, we have witnessed an enormous boost of progress in an already successful field – IT development. Nowadays, our routine revolves around using countless high-tech services – food deliveries, mobile taxi apps, professional software, postal service applications – the list goes on and on. Despite this, there are still some industries that we can’t really imagine without the manual approach! In today’s article, we’re going to show you how one of the most conservative business areas – pharmacy – can drastically speed up the workflow and significantly improve performance by the delivery confirmation system developed by PieSoft team.

How does the delivery confirmation system work

The context in which pharma operates has changed dramatically. The top-priority goal for our Client’s fast-growing network of pharmacies was an acceleration of contacting the patients with the purpose of fast but compliant services.

After some discussions and elaborations, our software experts came up with the perfectly good idea of a delivery confirmation system that would satisfy the needs of our Client’s pharmacies and their customers. The online delivery confirmation aims to boost communications with patients to receive their timely confirmations for refills and initial fills for a vast network of drug stores all across the US.

So, how does the delivery confirmation system work?

The web application provides the pharmacies with automatic confirmation services. The algorithm is simple: firstly, the system receives encrypted patient information via API. After that, the system contacts a client to receive confirmation. As soon as this is done, the web app sends the approved confirmation back to the pharmacy. If the pharmacist has to cancel the patient’s request for some reason, the app has an option for that.

The delivery confirmation tracking automatically goes through all the steps without any unnecessary pharmacy employees’ involvement, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on routine tasks and fixing manual errors. 

The delivery confirmation’s productivity not only frees up the employees but also improves management strategies and increases the business value.

improves management strategies and increases the business value

Let’s dive right into the details of online delivery confirmation benefits to know how it’s done!

Considering the cost factors of contact methods.

The economic feasibility of the solution is reflected in the contact hierarchy starting from the least expensive ways of contact: emails, adding text messages, and IVR calls in case of no response.

Increased flexibility for your specifics.

The electronic delivery confirmation is adjustable and flexible – it fulfills multiple types of contacts and sorts them out, so the business owner can analyze contact productivity results and select the most appropriate schedule for that.

Improved attention to the customers.

The scheduling module of the online delivery confirmation system enables the IVR adjustments to contact a patient. Before acting, the module considers two vital issues: first, the patient has to be not on the “do not call” list. Second, you must make the call at a time suitable for the patient. Therefore, the pharmacy provides customers with more considerate service, leaving a good impression.

Improved attention to the customers by PieSoft

Extensive contact methods.

In cases IVR is not enough to capture the patient’s consent for receiving prescribed medications, the software either switches the call to the relevant Customer Service employee or gives notification of working hours for such specialists.

Ten detailed reports on the productivity of performed calls.

The delivery confirmation tracking also aims at audit improvement. The system comprises a vast report module that provides up to 10 report options. Using this function, you can track refill confirmations and get the records at request at no time. Every patient’s consent is documented and stored for an unlimited time for each pharmacy.

75 % of received delivery confirmations.

Experience has shown that using our software leads to a high, up to 75%, confirmation range within a limited time. The rapidly increased percentage of the confirmed requests drastically affects the business processes and everyday workflow, allowing your employees to focus on the more complicated tasks instead of trying to call a patient over and over again.

Enhanced marketing and management strategies.

Based on the reports’ analysis, you can make more robust marketing and management decisions. The electronic delivery confirmation allows you to access the comprehensive monitoring analysis on the audience, their geolocation, and consumed medicines.

Enhanced marketing and management strategies

It’s no secret that the pharma market is growing substantially, year by year. Developing the delivery confirmation, we’ve focused on our principal goal – freeing up pharmacists to maximize the patients’ counseling effectiveness.

We believe this is necessary to boost the pharmacists’ workflow, monitor their performance, and streamline management structure in one easy-to-use electronic delivery confirmation system. At PieSoft, we strive to enhance working processes for one of the essential industries in the current world and fuel businesses with efficient tools for their growth.


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