Business Concept Framing and Visualization

Transform your business vision into a tangible product with our comprehensive Business Concept and Visualization.

Discovery Phase 

Transform your business vision into a tangible product with our comprehensive Business Concept and Visualization. The Discovery Phase is an essential preliminary stage that involves thorough information gathering and analysis. This phase ensures a deep understanding of your project’s objectives, boundaries, and scope. We delve into the needs and requirements of your end-users, while also addressing the technical aspects. This results in the creation of a detailed Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document. The SRS is a critical component for development, outlining primary and secondary features, quantifiable deliverables, and much more.

Our deliverables in the Discovery Phase include a full screen-by-screen representation of your program. This meticulous 140-page SRS document details every field and its operation, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Our team of specialists, including Business Analysts, Solution Architects, and Designers, work collaboratively to gather all necessary information. The Discovery Phase spans approximately 4 weeks, during which we ensure a thorough and detailed understanding of your project’s needs.

Business Plan and Boundariese

The Business Concept phase is instrumental in comprehending the needs and requirements of your end-users. This stage focuses on transforming your initial idea into a well-defined business concept that can be visualized and refined. Our specialists work closely with you to capture the essence of your vision and translate it into a structured and actionable plan.

During this phase, you’ll receive designed mockups outlining the layout and structure of your project interfaces. These preliminary mockups, while not including color schemes, specify all necessary fields in the forms. Our Solution Architects develop a strategic architecture design, providing a robust foundation for your project. Additionally, we create a risk register and mitigation plans, identifying potential risks and strategies to manage them. This ensures that your project is built on a solid foundation with clear guidelines and strategies in place.


The Visualization phase brings your business concept to life. A detailed release plan outlines the timeline of releases, setting key milestones and timeframes for each project phase. This roadmap ensures that you have a clear vision of the project’s progress and milestones. You’ll also receive a precise estimate with a margin of error of -5% to +10% in terms of cost and duration, based on the content of the SRS.

Over the course of approximately 4 weeks, our expert team creates a blueprint that brings clarity, precision, and a clear path to development. The Visualization phase is designed to provide you with a structured and risk-mitigated pathway for the successful execution of your project. Our team, including Business Analysts, Solution Architects, and Designers, collaborates to ensure that every aspect of your project is thoroughly planned and documented.

By investing in our Business Concept and Visualization service, you’re setting the stage for seamless development. This is your chance to turn your long-craved idea into a real-life product. Our service offers a clear, structured, and risk-mitigated pathway, ensuring that your dream product becomes a reality. With our comprehensive approach, you gain a detailed and actionable plan that guides the development process from concept to completion. Make your dream product a reality with our Business Concept and Visualization service.


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