Piesoft. PieSoft’s Lead Developer Contributions to Enhancing TripAdvisor’s Travel Platform

PieSoft’s Lead Developer Contributions to Enhancing TripAdvisor’s Travel Platform

CLIENT: Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel guidance platform

Executive Summary

PieSoft’s Lead Developer, in collaboration with TripAdvisor’s Plus and Hotels Shopping Experience teams, played a key role in optimizing one of the world’s most substantial travel platforms. This platform empowers millions of travelers every month to conveniently plan and book a range of travel services, transforming each journey into a remarkable experience. Operating across 49 regions and supporting 28 languages, TripAdvisor employs a potent technology stack, including Java, ReactJS, Gradle, and microservices.


The primary goal was to leverage the expertise of PieSoft’s Lead Developer and the engineers to enhance user experience, improve existing features, and integrate new partners onto the TripAdvisor platform.

Key Contributions:

In an ever-changing digital landscape, enhancing the user experience is essential. Significant strides were made on TripAdvisor’s platform to improve the customer journey. These enhancements were driven by PieSoft’s Lead Developer, who directed efforts towards refining the login process and expanding the platform’s offerings.

He improved the login process, a crucial first step in the customer journey.

Notably, he enabled users to log in by simply pressing the Enter key. This straightforward yet impactful enhancement streamlined the initial user interaction, making the website more intuitive and user-friendly.

In expanding the platform’s features, the Lead Developer played a pivotal role.

TripAdvisor Plus was enriched by the successful integration of a new partner, made possible by his adept navigation through unfamiliar server codebases. This addition expanded the platform’s services, offering users a broader range of choices and enhancing their overall journey.

Taking the initiative, he established a smoke test repository.

Learning from the QA team’s methodologies, he developed a more efficient testing process. This not only improved the quality and reliability of the platform, but it also enabled faster improvements, ensuring a constantly evolving and improved customer journey.

These enhancements to the platform, driven by the Lead Developer, resulted in a significantly improved customer journey. The platform became more accessible and user-friendly, and the expanded offerings provided users with more choices.



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Routing Services


PieSoft’s Lead Developer significantly contributed to enhancing TripAdvisor’s travel platform, improving user experience, and integrating new partners. Their dedication and expertise allowed TripAdvisor to continue providing exceptional services to millions of users across 49 regions and 28 languages. Their collaborative efforts further solidified TripAdvisor’s position as the world’s largest travel platform.


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