Piesoft. Healthcare Tech, Tailored with Heart

Healthcare Tech, Tailored with Heart

Where technology meets genuine care, we stand by your side. We dive deep into understanding your healthcare team's needs, crafting software that feels intuitive and empowering. It's not just about tools; it's about creating solutions that make a real difference in your day-to-day.

Software & Medical Device Care:
Making Every Moment Count

In every PieSoft creation, there’s a heartbeat. We merge cutting-edge technology with equipment design, focusing on the real stories and needs within healthcare. Our goal? To craft solutions that resonate deeply, making healthcare more intuitive and impactful for everyone.

Custom EHR and EMR systems

Tailored EHR and EMR systems, designed with a deep understanding of patient journeys. A seamless integration into healthcare, where every record captures unique needs and each report contributes to elevating care standards

  • Easy patient record keeping
  • Smart treatment planning
  • Specialty-specific features
  • Top-notch security for peace of mind
  • User-friendly for doctors and nurses
  • Ready for all devices, always
  • Keeps everyone on the same page with real-time updates
  • Built-in chat and tools to keep the team connected

EHR Integration: Making Systems Talk and Care Better

Unlock what your healthcare tools can truly do. With our EHR integration, everything flows smoothly, systems understand each other better, and patient care feels more connected.

  • All-in-One Data: Pull patient info from everywhere, easily
  • Systems That Understand Each Other: No more tech hiccups
  • Instant Updates: Know now, not later
  • Safe Data Journeys: We’ve got the security side covered
  • Less Clicks, More Care: Simplify tasks for your team
  • Works with Old and New: Legacy or latest, we integrate
  • Clear and Simple Tools: No headaches, just solutions
  • Always Here to Help: Got a glitch? We’re on it

Healthcare CRM: Building Stronger Patient Relationships

Think of our CRM as your team’s best friend. It helps remember every patient detail, keeps appointments tidy, and ensures every chat or call feels personal.

Patient-Centered Tools

Every health journey is unique, and so should be the tools that support it. It’s about making you feel heard and understood throughout your health journey, ensuring every interaction is truly about you.

  • Engage on Your Terms: Patient engagement software and apps tailored to your needs
  • Easy Appointments: Patient portals for hassle-free scheduling and more
  • Always Here to Chat: Healthcare AI chatbots ready to assist
  • Your Health Hub: Medical websites with all the info you need
  • Manage with Confidence: Tools for chronic disease management and remote monitoring
  • Therapy Goes Digital: Dive into digital therapeutics (DTx)
  • Care at Home: Home care software for comfort and convenience

Healthcare Analytics for Insights That Matter

We know Healthcare Analytics can be a maze. That’s why we’ve built our system with you in mind. Simple, straightforward, and tailored to your needs. No fluff, just clear insights to help you make the best decisions for your patients.


Hassle-Free Operations

Your team will operate smoothly, free from unnecessary complications

Tech in Harmony

All systems will sync perfectly, ensuring reliability in every action

With Patients, Like with Friends

Deepen bonds with patients, making every encounter special

Tools with Heart

Patients will feel the care behind our tools, sensing our genuine concern for their well-being

Always a Step Ahead

We’ll help you stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in healthcare

Everything Under Control

Always be in the loop and make well-informed decisions

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