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Digital Transformation and Innovation

Regardless of your business vision, the successful strategy must include a digital transformation roadmap to grow. Digital innovation is not only about introducing your enterprise to new technologies. It also means redefining your approach to business development, implying substantial changes in corporate management, culture, and collaborations. Applying IT solutions along with reorganizing your workflows help your business keep pace with growing customer needs and therefore maintain resilience in the face of future challenges.

Want to succeed and bring your company to another level? Consult our innovation experts. Relying on our 18 years of experience, we deliver digital transformation consulting services using various technologies and development environments for you to pursue your goals in the modern business market.

Providing all-around software consulting, PieSoft experts help clients from more than 20 industries (e.g., healthcare, insurance, logistics, retail) stand out in the market and achieve their software development goals as quickly and effectively as possible.


Our digital transformation services are at your disposal depending on your goals, current IT environment, and business domain. Analyzing your specifics, we apply the best agile practices to find and develop your unique solutions for enterprise digital transformation.

Automate business processes and operations

Shorten time to market for your products

Strengthen analytics and performance metrics

Increase employee efficiency and productivity

Build an omnichannel support system

Provide an engaging customer experience

Enhance key performance indicators (KPIs)

Keep ahead of the competition in the market

Improve customer service

Increase the transparency of operations


The goal of a digital transformation expert is to find the company’s points of growth and enhance them by developing an effective digital transformation strategy.


Establish the long-term goals and a vision

The digital transformation consulting process starts with focusing on the goals you want to achieve. Together with our experts, you map out the experience you want to create for your employees and customers and build our end goal on it. We explore your business needs further, expand the requirements, and get a clear vision of the objectives and accessible resources.


Analyze the market specifics and competitors

To conduct up-to-date IT digital transformation, you need to know the market dynamics, trends, and domain specifics. Reviewing the methods and frameworks that your business competitors use to keep up in the market, we assure that we build successful agile strategies and adopt digital transformation technologies for your specific field.


Evaluate your current business environment

The crucial part of digital transformation services is assessing your current position. We analyze the way your infrastructure works, estimate its functionality and determine how efficiently your tech interacts with each other. Thus, we identify the strengths and weaknesses to figure out what has to be upgraded or optimized and what digital tools you need to fill the gaps.


Create a digital transformation roadmap

Our specialists draw up a plan for your IT infrastructure, relating your goals, industry specifics, and current standing. Pursuing our digital transformation consulting services, we focus on every detail to provide you with a strategy that outlines your objectives. The roadmap includes infrastructure rebuilding, tech stack updating, milestones, long-term objectives, required skills, roles, tools, and many more.


Develop and monitor digital transformation solutions

After the consulting and strategy planning phase, we move to the action. Together with our development experts, we engineer the digital transformation solutions that align with our roadmap. Starting with MVP, our specialists test the strategies and adopt the technologies. Gradually introducing the innovations, we can evaluate the effectiveness of each component.


Assist with digital transformation technologies adoption

Implementing our strategy, we evaluate how the IT solutions work and help to proceed with new procedures and policies. With our digital transformation consulting, you can save time and effort when switching your workflows and adapting employees to new practices. We provide extensive guidelines and build an accessible easy-to-implement ground environment.

Empower your business with PieSoft

The innovation and digital transformation strategy start small – and you never know where this road might take you. But PieSoft experts are here to guide you on the IT journey.

Let’s explore how we can collaborate to start your successful digital transformation.


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