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Organizations are constantly integrating sophisticated technologies into their systems. Our task is to ensure that your company is up-to-date and consistent with the latest technological trends. From outsourced IT support and application integration and modernization to complex system security solutions – we are here to provide you with the best services to help your business get more aligned with customer demands and resilient in the fast-moving digital future.

PieSoft experienced outsourced IT support pros are responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable performance of your application, computer and cloud systems. We ensure that their performance and security meet the needs of the users.

Need to improve the efficiency and quality of your operations? Or to get the company’s various IT systems to communicate with each other in the background? Or maybe to get connected with third parties (suppliers, customers, and shareholders) in one single act? Make PieSoft team your trusted IT support provider and deal with these issues once and for all.

Looking for something specific? Check out PieSoft Custom Software Development services to find the best solution for you. We’ve definitely got what you need and can’t wait to share.

PieSoft system integration services combine innovation and deep technology expertise, along with a commitment to provide most effective solutions to complex business challenges across a wide range of industries (healthcare and pharmacy, logistics and warehousing, retail, banking, insurance, and more).

Here is the list of most common system integration issues we are eager to help you with:

Application modernization: Keeping IT Up-to-Date

Our team may modernize your legacy applications to improve their efficiency and better integrate them into your current IT strategy. This may require the following steps:

  • Re-hosting – your application migration from the on-premises or the outdated cloud infrastructure to the new cloud without major modifications or code changes.
  • Re-platforming – moving part or all of your application to the cloud with minor optimizations and updates to take advantage of cloud capabilities such as automatic performance scaling and improved resilience.
  • Refactoring – application modifying to better support the cloud environment.

Need to dive deeper? Discover PieSoft Custom Software Development Services to learn about re-architecturing, re-engineering, re-coding, and other application modernization possibilities we offer to help you stay up-to-date.

Application integration: bringing it together

Working with multiple independent applications and sometimes can’t get your head round this? We can’t let it go on any longer. Entrust PieSoft tech experts transform your scattered IT environment into one coherent system, optimized and user-friendly.

Our team is experienced in integrating systems and applications of varying complexity, scale, and technology stack, and usually our main tasks lie down to the following steps:

  1.  We offer you the most optimal integration scenario that meets your current needs and future strategy of your business.We have experience with different application integration design patterns – point-to-point integration, APIs for service-oriented architecture (SOA); enterprise service bus (ESB); shared database (for specific cases), and we can create you a tailor-made integration solution that perfectly fits your business needs and capabilities.Find out more about how PieSoft API services can be used to fuel your digital transformation strategy.
  2.  We take proper account of specific integration risks.Just to be sure that the integrated system gives appropriate response time, security level and data quality.
  3.  We cover the end-to-end integration process.Integration architecture, solution implementation, legacy applications modernization when needed, comprehensive system and component level testing, further integration and support services – no issue will be left without due care and attention.

Security Integration: Making it Work

PieSoft security experts can create a safe and sound IT environment for your company and make your applications resilient to any security threats:

  • We help you compile security requirements and recommend a flexible application design pattern to avoid potential security risks.
  • We assist you in meeting specific industry security integration requirements by providing professional advice from our industry security experts.
  • For small and mid-sized healthcare practices, we work directly with you to create a HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity program that aligns with your budget, vision, and overall risk resilience. We protect your patients’ PHI, and offer the least complicated and cost-effective way to comply with regulations.
  • We monitor security to keep your apps safe, and to identify security updates in a timely manner to respond to ever-changing cyber threats.

We examine your system security flaws using white box testing (with code auditing) or black-box testing (without access to application code) and provide a report with recommendations on eliminating the discovered vulnerabilities.

Don’t suffer through a security breach. Take action before there is a problem. Discover Pisoft security integration possibilities for your business now.

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