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Whether you want to engineer a robust enterprise app from scratch, upgrade legacy software, or build an entire IT ecosystem – pursuing cloud transformation, you will succeed. Cloud development & integration is not just a way to implement and execute enterprise applications and workloads at scale. It is an essential innovation for you to stand out in the modern market and pave the way for your growth. With PieSoft cloud professionals, you can accelerate your path to the cloud.

Relying on our 10 years of experience, we assess your cloud environment, consult you on cloud computing and security, and build infrastructures for applications of any level of complexity. PieSoft cloud services offer cloud solution development on the most reliable platforms, such as AWS and Azure, enhancing them to cut your cloud bill and increase system stability.


Let’s explore how you can take full advantage of the cloud with our comprehensive services.

Cloud migration

Successful cloud transformation may require migrating your on-premise legacy systems to the cloud. Assessing the risks and ground environment, our team of cloud professionals develops a robust plan to transfer your applications to private, hybrid, or public clouds with no failures and zero downtime. We ensure the agile migration approach to enhance your experience and target your goals utterly.

Cloud-native software development

The cloud-native software development is the way to enhance your entire infrastructure with powerful and secure applications. PieSoft experts provide end-to-end development on the cloud – from strategy creating and designing to testing, deploying, and supporting. Thoroughly examining your goals and points of growth, we build a flexible cloud environment with advanced security and rich functionality.

Cloud integration

Cloud integration is a process of creating seamless interconnectivity between your on-premise and cloud solutions into one hybrid ecosystem. This approach enables improving applications’ performance, enhancing their functionality, and strengthening their security. Merging the cloud ecosystem with on-premises, we ensure smooth data exchange, scalability, and efficient workflows, drastically increasing the quality of software performance.

Cloud optimization

To optimize your existing cloud operations, we review all aspects of your cloud solutions and redesign or scale them to comply with your current goals. Our experts perform a cloud security audit, analyze billing documentation, reduce expenses on the cloud, and enhance your cloud computing solution’s functionality and data management. We implement state-of-the-art tech practices for your cloud ecosystem to fit your needs utterly.

Cloud computing & security consulting

Cooperating with PieSoft, you can lay the groundwork to conduct a successful cloud transformation. With our cloud professionals, you build a comprehensive strategy to maximize the benefits you get from the cloud. PieSoft cloud consulting services include multiple assessments, business analysis, project scoping, structured planning, and roadmap strategy that utterly reflects your business objectives.

AWS cloud services

Our certified AWS experts provide various services for you to build complex applications on the most demanded cloud platform. With PieSoft, you can start from AWS cloud consulting services or instantly dive into the end-to-end cloud transformation via Amazon. Applying sophisticated AWS tools, our specialists build scalable applications and form a flexible infrastructure within one secure cloud ecosystem.


Collaborate with PieSoft cloud professionals to excel in the market and get a cost-efficient cloud ecosystem without extra effort from your side.


Personalized approach

The cloud environment has a complex structure that needs to be customized for you to maximize its value. We apply best practices of analysis and assessment to employ the most innovative technologies and adopt the tools addressing your specific business goals.


Cost-efficient solutions

Comprehensive customization allows us to reduce your cloud bill significantly. Cooperating with PieSoft cloud professionals, you don’t risk overpaying and missing the opportunities. Together we explore the best options for you to get enhanced functionality and profitable utility maintenance.


Complete security

PieSoft cloud security experts exploit advanced safety tools to prevent and eliminate cloud computing data threats. Relying on our comprehensive expertise, we develop stable security measurements suitable for your specific domain and expand them across all your services, systems, and applications.

It is time to level up

And PieSoft is here to assist you in growing your business. Employing our cloud services, you get reliable development & integration, robust security, individual attention, and profitable solutions. Make the most out of the cloud with PieSoft professionals.


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