Cirrus Survey
UX/UI redesign


Cirrus is the web application for the health insurance companies running their business on the territory of the USA. Users experienced troubles using the survey creation form. We were assigned to rework the interface in order to improve the interaction experience and reduce pain.

Survey creation process

The process of creating a survey is based on asking questions and answer options. The main task was to make it understandable. To meet this goal we placed all the questions and answer options in nested blocks to make it easy to interact with them.

Survey creation form

The main problem of the form of creating a survey is that it is very bulky and divided into three columns. In our new version we used a single-column design that let to significantly reduce the noise, by reducing the number of objects on the screen.

Before | After


As a result, we got a clean, light and convenient interface which adapted to be user-friendly for using on all existing mobile devices.

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