Piesoft. Cirrus survey UX/UI redesign

Cirrus survey UX/UI redesign

Cirrus is a web application for health insurance companies running their businesses in the US. Users experienced trouble using the survey creation form. We were assigned to conduct a UX/UI redesign of the interface to improve the interaction experience and reduce pain points.

Survey Creation Process

Creating a survey is based on asking questions and providing options for answers. The main task was to make it understandable. To meet this goal during the UX/UI redesign process, we placed all the questions and answer options in nested blocks to make it easily interactable for the users.

Cirrus survey UX/UI redesign

Survey Creation Form

The main reason to conduct a Cirrus survey UX/UI redesign is that it is very bulky and divided into three columns. In our new version, we used a single-column design that significantly reduces the visual noise by reducing the number of objects on the screen.


As a result, we got a clean, light, and convenient interface that adapted to be user-friendly for use on all existing mobile devices.


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