Interface Redesign Project

PieSoft’s design department completed a complex interface redesign project. Applying their best practices, our UI/UX experts enhanced a desktop app that remotely adjusts the cameras and operates with captured images comprehensively – receives, sorts, and delivers them.


The previous interface was intricate and disorganized due to the vast number of diverse settings. PieSoft’s specialists had to ensure the users would not waste time searching for the necessary features and setting preferences. Thus, the prime requirement for UI/UX redesign was to make the application user-friendly and intuitive but at the same time highly functional.


In the original version, there was much confusion with the settings – most were not on the right semantic tab and were placed randomly. As for the buttons, their design and placement did not correspond to the purpose they should reflect and did not communicate with the users properly. Also, the uniform style was missing, and our experts’ task was to bring everything to a unique format.


The User Interface (UI) redesign dramatically simplified managing and setting up the camera. Our professionals created and implemented new features contributing to more successful and efficient user interactions. To make the most out of the User Experience (UX) redesign, we made the guide with recommendations about the existing and new settings – what they are used for, how to use them properly, and how they interact. Therefore, the users can easily find all the tips and references in one place, thus, facilitating the adaptation.

Hierarchically arranging the settings, our experts focused on their importance and functional meaning to place the most crucial ones on the most visible areas of the interface. For future development operations and improvements, we created a design library with all modifications and adjustments to simplify the workflow in case of adding new features and functions.


To redesign UI/UX holistically, we planned three phases – discovery, user research & analysis, and prototyping & visual design.



The critical goal of this phase is to analyze the existing issues as deeply as possible to come up with the most suitable solutions in the following stages.

Requirements & documentations

During the discovery, business analysts and managers gathered the client’s requirements for the interface redesign project and studied the documentation to delve into the details immediately.

Сompetitor analysis

Striving for a comprehensive approach, our experts analyzed the industry-specific market and explored how similar issues are solved. After observing competitors’ apps’ strengths and disadvantages, we could plan UI/UX redesign more efficiently.


User research & analysis

In the research phase, our UI/UX specialists examined the initial design thoroughly and encountered the edges and flaws of the existing application. Figuring out where the issues arise, the experts had a rough image of what areas we need to improve and what new details would enhance the application’s convenience and capabilities.

User journey map & user flow

We already had sufficient information to redesign a user interface, so we started to develop a journey map and user flow. With these two approaches, our designers pictured a holistic image of the users’ path and where they face difficulties. At this stage, we drew up a detailed action plan that allowed us to proceed to the final step.


Prototyping & visual design

After the planning and discussions between the development management and design teams, our UI/UX experts were able to redesign an app. Considering every detail and reliving the end-to-end user path, we developed a prototype and presented it to the client. Agreed on the concept we created, the design team turned the prototype into the final version of the visual application design.


Our design team delivered a successful UI/UX redesign project, a significant revision for the existing app. We drastically enhanced the user experience (UX), making it more intuitive, and consistently redesigned the setting structure of the user interface (UI) to enable seamless interactions and convenient navigation. Сhoosing PieSoft as a technological partner, our client ensured productive workflows for the business and built credibility in the market by getting an up-to-date, robust design for the application.

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