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Business process automation services present advanced technologies and engineering best practices to improve workflow with minimal human intervention. From energy and industrial domains to HR onboarding activities - almost any business process in these sectors comprises multiple company departments and usually begins with an action that can serve as a starting point to streamline and optimize the whole system.

Engineering process automation with PieSoft allows you to develop a flexible and scalable digital solution for your company's needs and brings the most value and productivity out of your business.

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our expertise

Check out some of the examples of business process automation solutions we are incredibly skilled in:

Industrial automation systems

Industrial automation systems, such as computers or robots, and the information technologies we offer help businesses increase productivity, reduce costs (particularly labor costs), improve product quality, reduce energy consumption, and more.

Energy automation systems

Developing end-to-end energy automation solutions, PieSoft helps companies tackle operational costs, work more efficiently and add new intelligence across their entire utility network – with safety, security, and reliability built in at every point along the way.

Logistics automation solutions

Build and implement logistics automation solutions, e.g., machinery, logistics, and warehouse automation systems, to improve the efficiency of logistical processes from procurement to production, inventory management, distribution, customer service, and recovery.

HR automation

We engineer HR automation systems that trigger a set of predefined workflow steps to improve employee onboarding, sending out a welcome email, configuring security credentials, setting up financial details, and more in the compensation system. 

Finance automation

Regarding finance automation, critical success indicators are timeliness, accuracy, repetition, and seamless workflows. Consider developing with PieSoft when you need to streamline your company’s financial processes and operations, safely store centralized data, and more.

Sales process automation

The PieSoft team is proficient in delivering sales process automation solutions to streamlined and uniform sales workflow and helps sales reps focus less on administrative tasks and more on connecting with and selling to your prospects and customers.

Warehouse automation systems

Improving your warehouse automation with PieSoft, you entrust your workflow processes to reliable and close-knit software and technologies like robotics and sensors to automate tasks and ensure that business-critical operations in your facilities meet customer demand.

Automation in the banking sector

We help various companies from the banking sector automate their processes, digitizing unstructured data and bringing it all together in one system to ensure banks can continue to innovate and offer secure digital products that help them remain competitive.

Pharmaceutical automation

Pharmaceutical automation is driving investment across the industry. Optimize your processes, regulate compliance, improve the supply chain, and get real-time access to vital manufacturing data to speed up time to market and break the ceiling.

Automation in the IT industry

We know how important it is to correctly set up process automation in software project management, which will improve team collaboration and productivity, minimize errors, and make development faster and more cost-efficient. Developing software? Automate your workflow with PieSoft.

solutions we deliver

PieSoft workflow automation services are eager to deliver software IT solutions suitable for businesses of any scale or complexity level.

Automation Software

PieSoft IT process automation managers are eager to customize any solution you’ve chosen, integrate it into your current IT infrastructure, reengineer your legacy automation software to meet the system’s requirements, or build the solution from scratch to perfectly suit your business’s current needs. From workflow digitizing your routine tasks to accounts payable automation software – we can handle it all.

DevOps Automation

Running an IT project? Consider DevOps automation to facilitate feedback loops between operations and development teams and deploy faster, more cost-effectively, and more efficiently. Infrastructure automation, configuration management, CI/CD Pipelines, deployment automation, performance monitoring, and Log management – there are many areas to automate with DevOps experts at PieSoft.

Website Automation

While the internet makes doing business faster and easier, website automation is the key to success. Build your fully customized web solution or automate your users’ daily web actions – like filling out forms, clicking on buttons, downloading files, and more – with helpful PieSoft website developers and enjoy flexible and reliable website automation for smooth collaboration with customers.

Ready to get started?

Instead of relying on your users to perform each part of a business process, automate it! At PieSoft, we aim to help your business go from linear to faster growth via various digital process automation tools and techniques.

Contact our IT process automation manager to find the technical breakthrough that will foster automation and then keep building a better business.


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