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Wearables and smart devices hold key positions in tech development, constantly increasing their value. They significantly improve the quality of business workflows, healthcare operations, and everyday routines by interacting with other smart devices in IoT and analyzing the received data.

At PieSoft, we understand how crucial the relationship between smart hardware solutions and privacy is. We comply with Regulatory rules according to your country's privacy laws and use the most innovative technologies to develop robust protection. PieSoft's developers and cyber security specialists ensure your information will be protected and safely stored.

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Smart devices in healthcare

Healthcare is the most promising field for tech wearables development. At the moment, the healthcare wearables market offers multiple types of hardware for hospitals and patients, simultaneously generating significant benefits for both parties.

Apart from illness treatment, the healthcare wearables market includes a wide range of activity tracking devices. Using smart wearables for health, you can control all your body measurements, get reports on daily activity quality and, based on the data and your body specifics, receive recommendations on how you can improve your activity.

wearables for health WE BUILD

Our hardware specialists have large expertise in developing various smart wearables for health.

Fitness trackers


Glucose monitoring devices

Implantable sensors

Connected inhalers

Depression & mood monitoring devices

Alerting devices for emergencies

Remote patient monitoring devices

Electromyography (EMG) sensors

Smart home devices

Smart home solutions become more popular every year. By facilitating routine processes, smart wearables and static devices enhance your user experience and increase the general quality of your life. Apart from comfort, smart hardware solutions provide you with robust security for your home, gadgets, and surrounding environments.

We build interconnected devices in IoT. Thus, your tech home solutions can work in sync with your phone, laptop, and other devices. The concept of a smart home allows you to track home equipment, such as lighting or thermostat, without needing to do it manually.

smart home devices we build

We develop standalone hardware solutions for houses or engineer smart devices in IoT to facilitate your everyday routine and increase your comfort.

Smart lighting solutions

Video surveillance

Smart kitchen appliances

Smart HVAC devices

Smart thermostat

Voice controller devices

Smart audio systems

Motion sensors

Smart locks

Blinds & doors openers

Humidity & air quality sensors

Smartwatch for home equipment monitoring

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