Piesoft. Universal Edge AI Device Development

Universal Edge AI Device Development

Project in a Nutshell

Our team at PieSoft developed a universal Edge AI device leveraging the NXP iMX series for its processing power and Linux for its operating system. The project’s goal was to facilitate the deployment of AI across various industries by making machine learning models accessible and easy to manage, even for users with limited technical knowledge.

Client & Challenge

The client identified a gap in the market for an adaptable and user-friendly Edge AI device. They needed a solution that could support a wide range of neural network models for real-time video processing and other AI-driven tasks. The primary challenge was ensuring the device’s compatibility with multiple AI architectures while maintaining real-time processing capabilities and simplifying the user experience.


To address these requirements, we developed a solution centered around:

Edge AI solution with NXP iMX processor and Linux OS for robust AI tasks, versatile neural network support, and easy no-code model management

NXP iMX Processor

Chosen for its robust AI processing capabilities, enabling the device to handle various AI tasks efficiently.

Linux Operating System

Provides a stable and flexible platform, supporting a broad spectrum of AI applications and tools.

AI Model Compatibility

Ensures the device can work with different neural network models and architectures, offering versatility in applications.

No-Code Configuration Interface

Designed to allow users to deploy and manage AI models without needing in-depth programming knowledge, lowering the barrier to entry for utilizing AI technology.

Business Value

This Edge AI device opens new possibilities for businesses looking to implement AI solutions, offering:


Simplifies the process of deploying and managing AI models, making advanced technology accessible to a broader audience


Supports a wide range of applications, from real-time video analytics to predictive maintenance, providing significant value across various sectors


Enables real-time processing at the edge, reducing latency and bandwidth use, crucial for time-sensitive applications.


The development of this universal Edge AI device illustrates PieSoft’s commitment to innovation and our ability to meet the evolving needs of the tech industry. By combining the power of the NXP iMX processors with the versatility of Linux and simplifying the user experience, we’ve created a solution that democratizes the use of AI, making it accessible and practical for various applications. This project not only meets our client’s needs but also sets a new benchmark for user-friendly AI technology in the market.


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