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Hardware implementation is the perfect way to accelerate your business's success through the latest technological advancements. Custom hardware development requires comprehensive services and excellent skills to meet your business objectives and build robust IoT systems – we can help you with that!

At PieSoft, we explore your needs, develop a plan for software and hardware engineering, bring a quality prototype, and develop it to create your ideal hardware solution!

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We have over 18 years of experience in software and hardware engineering of various levels of complexity. We bring your idea to an end solution, while integrating the software into your current business processes. Companies from the US and around the globe grow their business using our software and hardware engineering products.


We implement your ideas and requirements in hardware product development as effectively as possible. In every case, we bring all our experience to optimize your requests to a perfectly efficient and presentable hardware solution.


We create hardware solutions for every type of enterprise, from startups to larger companies. We fuel your business with efficient custom hardware, adapt you to beneficial innovative technologies for rapid growth, and create the whole infrastructure around your hardware.

Our domain expertise



Industial Automation

Data Security

Consumer Electronics

Transportation Electronics

Measurement Systems

RFID-based Systems

hardware solutions we build

We provide engineering services for various purposes – from standalone devices to IoT hardware development.

Home hardware solutions development

IoT hardware development

Smart devices development

Wearables development

Network equipment development

Computing equipment development

Our technology expertise

We have vast experience using the most innovative technologies for our hardware engineering projects.

Schematic design


  • Microprocessor-based systems 
  • Microcontroller-based systems 
  • FPGA based systems 
  • OpAmp analog circuits 


  • Altium Designer 
  • Mentor Graphics Xpedition,  
  • Cadence OrCAD 

PCB design 


  • PI and SI simulations 
  • Multilayer, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs 
  • High-speed digital interfaces (e.g., DDR3, Eth, PCIe, USB) 
  • Analog boards with OpAmps, measurement circuits 
  • Powerboards, up to 60A/trace currents 


  • Altium Designer 
  • Mentor Graphics Xpedition 
  • Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx 

Mechanical design


  • Parametric 3D modeling 
  • Thermal simulation 
  • Flow simulation 


  • Solidworks 


  • Ordering PCBs, mechanical parts, electronic components (connectors, transformers) 
  • Interaction with manufacturers in different countries 
  • Small-series production and testing, work with BGA and climate-sensitive components 

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Our product expertise

Learn more about the hardware solutions we develop to enhance your business.

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