Insurance systems

Insurance systems support the workflows of insurance agents, managers, and the sales department. Insurance solutions help you streamline your business processes, saving time and money.

Our product expertise

The insurance system can include the following solutions that can be implemented together or separately.

Underwriting software

Being one of the leading solutions for insurance businesses, underwriting software systems are responsible for risk management. You can create policies and rules to eliminate some arrangements, or the opposite — involve new customers.

Claims management software

Using this software, you can establish your claims workflow. All the claims are managed from one place, where you can estimate and distribute them and generate the needed documents automatically.

Insurance CRM system

The primary tool for sales and marketing departments. The CRM system is used to follow your leads, manage sales, control your marketing strategies results, and make your customer service effective and flexible.

Customer portal

This is mainly a self-service software, whereby customers can submit their applications, claims, or consult the AI assistant via the contact form.

Data analytics software

This solution analyzes all the information about clients, fraud detection, customer behavior, and insurance deals. Based on these analyses, you can picture your business processes and establish them most efficiently.

Insurance workflow automation

Streamline the insurance process involving sales and marketing, human resources, account management, and more by automating the most repetitive tasks from lead generation to issuing a policy and enjoy smooth customer flow.

Benefits of insurance solutions


Improved workflow efficiency

Insurance systems automate your business processes and store all the insurance information in one database. Thereby, the software allows your employees to significantly reduce the amount of paperwork produced and rapidly decrease the time it takes to access structured and detailed data, providing it in real-time.


Improved communication quality

Insurance software solutions are vital both for your employees and your clients. The software’s functionality helps to build more effective interactions between departments and keep employees informed of any updates, keeping clients in the loop with the most up-to-date information, anytime.


Reduced costs

Insurance software solutions automate necessary and routine processes, resulting in employees having greater focus time for more challenging tasks and providing your business with increased working performance. Moreover, workflow and process automation reduce human error and time wasted on operational updates.


Enhanced data security

PieSoft uses the most innovative technologies, such as data encryption, data backup, and user authentication protocols, to prevent data breaches and create secure insurance software for your business. Our solutions keep your employees’ and clients’ information safe by keeping you in accordance with the legal standards.

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