HRM software

Human resource management (HRM) systems optimize your human resources department workflow. Using HRM, you can put all the HR documents and data into one system, analyze the information and results, and thus facilitate and automate your tasks.

Modules to enhance your SOFTWARE

Improve HRM application development by integrating these modules into your HRM system to overview employees’ information and workflows, such as attendance and time tracking, from one place.

Administrative tasks

Labor management

Service management

Talent management


We develop three main types of HRM software to help you get a better outcome in specialists recruiting, onboarding, and learning – thereby minimizing risks in your HR department work and increasing your company’s reputation.

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

This HRM solution is vital in managing all the core HR processes that provide guidance or training for employees or applicants, as well as storing and organizing the employee data.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

It includes HRIS features and has more advanced functionality, such as succession, onboarding, analytics, or talent management.

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

This software can contain functions both from HRIS and HCM, but it’s upgraded with time and labor or payroll features.


Cooperating with us, you can create a unique HRM solution that meets all your needs.

Employee engagement software

Payroll software

Competency management software

Recruiting & hiring management software

Time & absence management software

Performance management software

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