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Fleet Management Software

Fleet management provides a clear visualization of all your vehicles and equipment operations, is crucial for managing logistic processes and costs, and allows you to store all data in one interactive fleet management application, thus simplifying business processes for a fleet, your business, and your customers.

Software functionality

Get robust fleet management software empowered by high-quality customer service and transportation tracking to reduce risks and expenses.

For fleet owners

  • Dispatch management
  • Drivers’ information
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Route optimization
  • Transportation tracking
  • Vehicle condition control

For fleet users

  • Checking the dashboards with available vehicles
  • Checking driver ratings
  • Controlling dispatch management
  • Tracking the route
  • Tracking vehicle driving speed and stops
  • Maintaining fleets’ schedule


We develop software for various vehicles and integrate the solution into your business infrastructure.

Aviation vehicles

Motor vehicles



benefits of fleet management software


Simplified processes

Your solution automates all repetitive tasks and offers better solutions, thereby reducing risks, time, and costs for your business.


Scalable & flexible software

We build your fleet management system given your future expansion, so you can adjust the app to your new business processes.


Integration into your infrastructure

Your fleet management application will be implemented into your current systems and business processes.


Robust reporting system

You can check the analyzed performance of your vehicles and develop your efficient improvement strategies.

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