Document Management Software

Document management software (DMS) is a platform where all the business documents are stored, distributed by categories and user rights.

It can offer significant advantages, such as lower costs of operations, security, information retrieval and governance. DMS facilitates and improves your business processes through its comprehensive functionality and integrated systems.

Our domain expertise

The document management application is required for running any type of business, from small startups to large companies. We develop DMS software for multiple industries

Construction document management

Digital document management

Document management application for banks

Engineering document management system

Healthcare document management

HR document management software

Legal document management software

Personal document management software

DMS capabilities


Document generation & management

Create templates, distribute documents, store data sources, change, and even extract automated data from the integrated systems.


Document security

You can set up role-based security to secure your employees’ data. DMS enables document backup, recovery, encrypting, and archiving options.


Records management

Document management implies many modifications – you can store, share or utilize documents, access archived records, and make changes in every document record.


Automated tasks

You can notify your colleagues with the documents to put in their e-sign, or set up an automatic classification to specific parameters to distribute your document copies efficiently.

Systems we integrate

We integrate your DMS software with other systems to make it even more available and flexible




Microsoft Office


Data sources

DMS we build

We create different types of DMS to pursue your specific document management strategy

Web-based document management

The web-based systems operate from your local servers. These DMS can be accessed without an internet connection, providing a secure closed environment for your employees.

Cloud document management

The cloud software operates on a network of remote servers, therefore providing easy access for users working remotely. Also, cloud systems are more flexible and easier to integrate into your core systems.

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