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Quality Assurance Services

Quality assurance (QA) is a critical stage in any software development project at PieSoft. Before being released, your IT product passes through multiple testing procedures to ensure it corresponds with your needs and the end-user's expectations. We’ve identified software quality assurance as one of our core competencies and provide services for the most complex on-premise or cloud solutions. Entrusting QA to our outsourcing specialists, you enable your app, website, or platform to work exactly as your customers expect and according to the automation level required for every release.

As a third-party provider, we implement automated, manual, and integrated quality assurance services for comprehensive IT performance improvement. We guarantee that the development and maintenance processes are running smoothly and give you valuable insights into improving your product.



Advanced transparency

As a provider of quality assurance outsourcing services, we understand how vital it is to establish maximum transparency in our cooperation with a client. Let’s examine how we achieve that.

  • Establish the testing life cycle and deadlines
  • Provide detailed reports of every testing stage
  • Comply with ISO standards to ensure data protection
  • Use KPI-based evaluation to meet your requirements


Regulatory compliance

Third-party quality assurance is your best way to keep your product updated with the latest industry-specific regulations and policies. Our professionals stay flexible with the constantly evolving environment by consistently upgrading their QA skills and staying on top of industry-specific regulatory modifications. Therefore, with PieSoft, you can rest assured that your product is comprehensively tested for compliance with the standards with no extra effort from your side. 


Diverse industry expertise

Drawing on our vast experience in various business domains, PieSoft obtains top-class quality assurance and performance improvement according to the specifics of your field. We work with the following industry sectors:

  • Healthcare and pharmacy
  • Education and entertainment
  • Enterprise and retail
  • Logistics and manufacturing
  • Finance and banking
  • Travel, food, and hospitality


Our quality assurance specialists have nearly a decade of experience testing diverse IT solutions and bringing benefits to companies from various business industries.

Cloud software

Web applications

Embedded software

Desktop applications


IoT systems

Mobile applications

Microservices-based software

Blockchain applications

Manual Testing

For smaller products with complex user scenarios, manual testing is vital to ensure the application does not contain any critical bugs. Relying on our human capabilities and resources, we establish the best user experience and audit for your software solution.

PieSoft offers manual quality assurance services across industry verticals, focusing on UI/UX design. We apply various methodologies, structured processes, and best practices to rationalize the testing spend and find defects early in the life cycle.


IT quality assurance

To focus on the IT environment, we run system testing, system integration and regression testing, and end-to-end & data migration testing.

Business-focused quality assurance

We cover user acceptance testing and customer experience assurance, targeting your business’ requirements. 

BI software quality assurance

In this case, we involve data acquisition testing, staging data evaluation, ETL testing, reports testing, and end-to-end testing.

Website quality assurance

We apply user journey and user perspective testing methods to fully explore how visitors perceive your website in terms of usability and functionality. 

Advantages of Manual Approach


Reliable user perspective

Manual testing allows us to examine software design and create a full-fledged path the user takes. Thus, we evaluate the user-friendliness and features of your app or website and provide observations on enhancing the user experience.


Versatility and flexibility

Using human resources, we add creativity and agility to the testing. Unlike automated scripts, quality assurance specialists can notice hidden details and quickly run tests on the upgraded function. 


Focus on your goals

Individually collaborating with a client, we dive deep into their domain particulars and business objectives. Based on that, we not only apply the technological tools but also our intuition to reconcile the software performance with your unique challenges.

Maintain the highest standards of quality with our experts

Bring PieSoft QA best practices to establish a seamless user experience for your software solution and promptly solve usability and functionality issues before your product hits the market.

Automated Testing

Automated quality assurance is ideal for testing repeating operations and dealing with enormous amounts of data on large projects. This approach includes many different QA strategies, ranging from isolated code correctness checks to simulating a whole human-driven manual testing experience. 

Quality assurance automation allows our experts to work on cross-platformed multifunctional products, achieving results more quickly and efficiently. 

Automated Testing AppRoaches We Use

Data-driven testing

This methodology allows automation engineers to have a single test script that executes tests for multiple scenarios, using all existing data. 

Keyword-driven testing

This technique relies on describing test cases using a predefined set of keywords that imply actions and is suitable for small applications.

Behavior-driven testing

Using this method, we test system behavior by creating a challenging environment to achieve a seamless operational flow.

Modular-driven testing

We decompose the software into modules to maintain the process easier and review every test script individually.

Test-driven development

Focusing on production code, our QA experts create test scripts for every software feature to evaluate and endorse its performance.

Advantages of Automated Method


Cost reduction

Due to the speed of test execution and the reusability of test code, quality assurance automation leads to considerable cost reduction in the long run. 


Time savings

Quality assurance automation allows us to launch tests at any time and/or simultaneously run them on several platforms, providing you with quicker and more proactive decisions.


Accurate results

To err is human. A testing engineer can run some of the tests inconsiderately, whereas a robot sticks to an adopted plan, processing large amounts of data concurrently.

Boost efficiency by ensuring the impeccable quality 

Entrust your software development to our experienced QA engineers and work with us towards the goal of creating top-notch products that ensure smooth performance and flawless usability.

Integrated Approach

Automation testing is more reliable and drastically reduces testing time, but it cannot be a substitute for human intuition and vision. To approach the testing process holistically, we pursue applying both manual and automated quality assurance services to ensure your application is in perfect shape.

Employing best practices and frameworks of these approaches together, our professionals achieve the top quality in software, website, or cloud quality assurance.

Integrated Approach Life Cycle

1. Determine the scope of the test case

2. Define the test management strategy

3. Implement manual testing methods

4. Apply perfectly matched automation tools

5. Run exploratory tests to build new test cases

6. Maintain and monitor the testing life cycle

PieSoft QA Services

Quality Assessment

It is crucial to implement quality assurance and performance improvement strategies from the earliest development stages. But, if you’re in a “right here and now” situation, PieSoft experts are always ready to jump into the process and promptly perform a quality assessment for you to release a seamlessly working product. At this stage, we check your compliance with regulations and software security, provide code audits and evaluate the overall product performance.

Quality Assurance Consulting

We offer full-fledged quality assurance consulting services – from building a comprehensive QA strategy for a successful start to providing ongoing support to your software solutions. Our consulting can include setup, audit, and enhancement of the QA process, continuous testing integration, and addressing specific QA bottlenecks. Our quality assurance specialists introduce you to effective methodologies, advise you on optimizing testing costs, and enable the highest project transparency. 

Quality Assurance Outsourcing

With PieSoft IT quality assurance, you can implement end-to-end testing to ensure outstanding quality for your software or focus on the issues you find most concerning. Reviewing your business objectives, we provide you with professionals experienced in your industry and technological needs. Whatever way you want to collaborate with us – augmenting your in-house team, working with our dedicated team, or launching one-time testing, you gain an individually tailored approach with an accurately estimated cost.

Ensure top-class quality for your products with PieSoft

Elevate the quality of your products to stand out in the market. With our quality assurance specialists, you can enhance any software, website, or cloud system by developing significant performance improvements.

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