Piesoft. Overhauling Catering Operations Through Strategic Automation

Overhauling Catering Operations Through Strategic Automation

MARKET: The geographical reach of their service covers the Midwestern United States.


A large scale, food manufacturing company that serves schools, adult day health, senior living, and early childcare markets was leveraging excel and emails in its operations to handle large daily order volumes.


The objective was multifaceted: to automate product accounting, on-hand inventory, and modernize the order acceptance and processing system. These processes required alignment with the company’s proprietary business practices and strict adherence to state-level regulations governing school meals in the US. The designed system needed to encompass scalability and adaptability to account for future expansion plans and the integration of innovative equipment. 


A specialized team of four experts was deployed, aimed at transitioning the client’s operations from manual to a digital, automated system, all the while preserving the essence of their business process. 

Software Engineer

Quality Assurance

Business Analyst


Design and Specification of Requirements 

We dissected the different user roles within the company and engineered a unique dashboard for each, facilitating their tasks and improving productivity. We strategically redesigned workflows where potential for efficiency was identified, ensuring a seamless shift to the new system.

Software Development from Scratch 

A bespoke Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was architected to match the client’s intricate requirements. This solution facilitated customized order processing and automated inventory tracking, executed over a six-month development period. 


Our system was proficiently intertwined with the client’s vendors, delivering automatic updates on product orders and real-time inventory status. This has enabled the client to manage orders effortlessly, monitor deliveries, and maintain accurate inventory records.  


This case represents a classic exemplification of digital transformation. We delivered a robust, automated, and adaptable system to the client, augmenting their capacity to process orders, manage inventory, and strategize for expansion. We foresee continual enhancements and improvements to the system to align with the client’s evolving needs and to ensure flawless integration with future equipment acquisitions. 

Technologies used


  • PHP 8.2
  • Symfony 6.3 
  • MySQL 
  • Doctrine 
  • Composer, Git


  • Admin LTE 
  • jQuery

Integration with services/standards:

  • EDI 
  • ReciPal


  • Docker, AWS


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