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Relying on the 18 years of our best practices, PieSoft helps solve the most challenging IT project management and software development issues with speed, precision, and impact. Our project management consultancy services span a variety of delivery approaches, including traditional (predictive), agile, and hybrid lifecycles.

Consider our team of experts as your technology partners who maintain seamless workflow, deliver advanced technology solutions, and support your immediate and long-term goals.


Our project management team is eager to fuel your business growth with our experience and address all IT development issues your business may ever meet.

Audit your business idea to identify key development issues

Establish a best-in-class professional development team

Draw up entirely customized software development strategies and plans

Manage the planning, design, and delivery of mixed-use software development services to minimize potential risks

Provide stakeholder engagement and contractor procurement

Establish and direct the development management process on behalf of the client


From start to finish, PieSoft project management experts are in charge of executing all the specifics of the IT project development.

1. Project initiation

We widely define your project concept and goals, create a business case, and strengthen the buy-in of all parties.

  • Project charter
  • Project initiation

2. Project planning

We focus on your project’s specifics, define the course of action, and present it to your acceptance.

  • Scope statement
  • Work breakdown schedule
  • Milestones
  • Gantt chart
  • Communication plan
  • Risk Management plan

3. Project execution

We launch a project development process, maintain effective collaboration, and manage resources and responsibilities.

  • Develop team
  • Assign resources
  • Execute project management plans
  • Procurement management
  • Set up tracking systems
  • Status meetings
  • Project schedule update

4. Project monitoring

We measure the effectiveness of the software project management process using KPIs and prevent disruptions.

  • Project objectives
  • Quality deliverables
  • Effort & cost tracking
  • Project performance

5. Project closure

We review and analyze project deliverables and provide you with reports to ensure continuous improvement and productivity.

  • Project retrospective (post-mortem)
  • Project punch list
  • Reporting


Accelerate your success with PieSoft

PieSoft advanced software project management services are an emerging opportunity for your business to bring core competencies and industry-specific knowledge that lead your project to the cost-effective, on-time successful completion.

Contact our IT project management specialist to learn more and launch your robust project with PieSoft.


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