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An IT project is a unique venture that requires sustained effort, competent leadership, and skillful execution to succeed. PieSoft development management services cover the entire software development process, from business analysis and development strategy to project management and complete solution delivery.

Backed by the 11+ years of new management techniques and best practices implementation, our top-notch software development managers control every project milestone of application or system development, build dynamic project teams and manage a scheme throughout the entire process.


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Top-notch software development managers

Providing development management services, PieSoft delivers much more than process oversight. Partners choose our development managers to make sound decisions, leverage the knowledge of specific markets and product types, manage risk, and, ultimately, safeguard the success of their investment.


Quality assurance

At PieSoft, quality assurance is an integral part of our software development management system. We focus on the proven and efficient project and QA management methodologies to make sure the solutions built by our team function as expected, are convenient to use and scale flexibly along with your business.


High-speed approach

PieSoft provides software development management services to start-ups and businesses across the globe. We are proficient in building enterprise applications, complex integrations, and large-scale software undertakings. Employing our comprehensive application development management expertise, you accelerate time to market and increase revenues.



Development controls and change management are our essential tools. PieSoft incorporates security guidance into every step of the application development management process. We handle scoping, human resources, communications, risk management, procurement, quality control, and integrations to address any software assurance issue that ever occurs promptly.


Agile and DevOps

Instead of putting everything on the big-bang product launch, the PieSoft team gets their job done in small but efficient steps. Using proper communication channels and tools, we deliver value to the partners and customers quickly and cost-efficiently, with higher productivity, improved quality, and better ROI.

Want to get the most out of your development?

Our software development managers bring in their best practices to ensure high-quality project delivery. Addressing our experienced development management team, you enjoy flawless collaboration and a seamless application development process.

Collaborate with our project managers and business analysts to enhance your project development with comprehensive services.


We are open to new challenges and we'd love to learn more about your project.

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