Business analysis

Building links, making business

Business analysis is a mainspring of your success. It solidifies and consolidates the scattered visions of the project making it tough-minded and profitable. Business analysis flows through every stage of the software development answering all the how’s, what’s and why’s of the project: from preliminary ideaing to system and process developments. Our Business analysts serve as an interlink between the client and the development team that allows realizing every aspect of your incredible business idea as close to the anticipated as possible.

PieSoft BA specialists are focused on the end product (solution), creating baselines and managing project constraints, communicating and resolving project issues, and getting the resources working on project activities, thus acting as Project managers as well. They are responsible for keeping your brilliant project on track from the very first step, collecting and analyzing business requirements, preparing technical documents, writing user stories, etc.

What should you expect during the business analysis stage?

  • Business domain investigation,
  • Documentation Development,
  • Competition Analysis,
  • SWOT Analysis,
  • Return On Investment (ROI) Calculation,
  • Industry-Specific Strategic Analysis,
  • Structured Data on Market Potential.

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