Order Management

Order management software (OMS) handles order fulfillment through multiple online and offline channels. OMS helps facilitate the order management process by ensuring full-cycle scenarios implementation.

Benefits of OMS


Reduce order costs

OMS software allows you to track the whole order fulfillment process, thereby optimizing your actions and strategies.


Minimize human errors

Order management automation decreases the need for manual data entry and reduces risks.


Reduce shipping & logistics costs

Order management leads you through order fulfillment in supply chain management and helps you track down your suppliers and manage logistics processes.


Increase the number of orders

Order management solutions allow you to create better marketing strategies and control your clients’ actions, increasing customer satisfaction.

End-to-end oMS

OMS helps you to go through all the stages of the order management process.

Order creation

Order processing

Order verification

Order billing &

Order shipping

Order returns processing

How we implement OMS

1. We create the following types of OMS

  • Cloud-based order management solutions to operate on web services or systems and have multiple data centers.
  • Web-based order management solutions to operate on providers’ web services and have a single data center

2. We develop OMS for different purposes

  • Omnichannel order management. The most advanced OMS software where multiple channels interact.
  • Multichannel order management. Multiple channels work separately from each other.
  • Cross-channel order management. Multiple channels are connected but not being used at the same time.

3. We integrate multiple functional systems into your OMS

  • CRM order management systems
  • WMS
  • ERP software
  • Transportation management systems
  • Financial software
  • Inventory management software
  • Analytics software
  • Reporting software

4. We build in the following order management tools

  • Visual access to stocks and balances
  • Assistance in accounting and analytics
  • Effective planning and control of logistics operations
  • Sales order execution
  • Return management tools
  • Order editing tools
  • Order history management tools
  • Customer lifetime value tools

Enhance your business with robust OMS

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