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SEO/SEA web application


The customer is a leading Belgian digital-marketing agency that offers the full spectrum of services to help businesses grow digitally, rank better on search engine ranking pages (SERPs), and maintain their digital presence.

From years of experience in search engine optimization, significantly improving businesses’ online presence, they realized the need to build a robust all-in-one SEO (search engine optimization)/SEA (search engine advertising) solution with further integration into the customer’s package of services.


PieSoft’s primary task was to build a powerful all-in-one SEO/SEA solution. The development process included three key steps.
Design and specification of requirements for the new system
Software development from scratch
Complex application, high resources consumption


The PieSoft team built an application that allows its users to connect their Google accounts to identify your SEO/SEA on a single platform, to generate new keywords ideas, identify the keywords that are to be associated with or excluded from an SEO/SEA strategy, track website visibility, and optimize presence in the search results.

Once keyword strategy is defined, a user can write content using the trending keywords and monitor their content strategy, with main competitors working toward the same goal in a dedicated zone.

Technologies used


  • Java 11
  • Kotlin 1.4
  • Spring
  • JMS (ActiveMQ)
  • Gradle 


  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS


  • Docker
  • Google SDK
  • AWS
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3


  • Reactive WEB
  • Server Side Event


The Customer received a robust and comprehensive one-stop SEO/SEA solution to manage analytics, pay-per-click and search engine optimization campaigns, social-media marketing, and a host of other everyday marketing objectives. StratFlag is everything a company needs to run a successful SEO campaign, providing comprehensive information to stay ahead of the curve.

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