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Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management (SCM) is a tool that controls supply chain operations, analyzes them, and increases the stability of the supply chain management processes. SCM software helps lead your specific supply chain processes smoothly while organizing your inner business processes and managing relationships with suppliers.

Benefits of SCM


Collaborate with suppliers efficiently by accessing comprehensive information


Identify issues and make accurate forecasts thorough improved transparency


Increase the number of orders and
the stability of demands through data analysis


Increase inventory planning reliability and reduce supply chain costs


Reduce risks by tracking every step of the supply chain operations process


Establish agile workflow and optimize quality control by increased visibility

solutions we build

SCM can be presented in different solutions, developed combined or separately

Inventory management

Logistics management

Order management

Planning & optimization supply chain system

Procurement management

Supplier relationship management

SCM modules we develop

We engineer your supply chain management platform creating specific suitable functionality

Supply chain analytics software

Using analyzed data, you can make forecasts on your products’ availability, control the behavior of clients, and predict potential downtime in advance.

Supply chain risk software

You can identify and assess risks to minimize losses and optimize costs. Control your logistics resources and conduct operations without any interruptions.

Supply chain modeling software

The system’s functionality allows you to determine your supply chain management processes and perfect them by setting up an ultimate supply chain model.

Supply chain planning tool

The software is aimed to manage your SCM processes by strategic planning. You can control orders, decrease costs, and align your supply chain with partners.

Supply chain audit software

The audit system’s goal is identifying and improving the supply chain performance to evaluate your SCM processes, eliminate errors, and protect your business from fraud.

Blockchain-based SCM software

We make the most of your supply SCM by incorporating blockchain technology. You can trace goods and confirm authenticity at each stage, making fraud or theft impossible.

Systems we integrate

Supply chain management solution can bring even more value if we integrate it with some of the other systems







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