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\High-quality User Experience (UX) design is a game-changer for any digital product – whether it's a website, software, or business app. And we are here to make users love your products. PieSoft experts provide UX design, audit, and development services
to assist you in implementing all your business goals and ideas in responsive, user-friendly solutions.

We aim to capture your users' attention at first sight and lead them through
the interfaces, ensuring a seamless interactive experience. Boost your business's success with PieSoft by taking professional advice from our consultants or conducting end-to-end UX design development with our in-house team of experts.

Why PieSoft

Humanize your digital solutions with PieSoft’s UX design services to turn users into your clients and partners.


Vast expertise

Our UX design and development professionals have 10+ years of experience collaborating with start-ups and companies of any size. We produce creative and functional UX design ideas and sync your digital solutions with current trends and user needs.


User-centered approach

Our goal is to focus on user perception at every stage of the UX design development. Collaborating with clients and development team members, we define the context of use and identify needs to deliver user-friendly solutions that meet your goals.


One-stop IT company

PieSoft’s experts provide not only one-off UX design services but also ongoing support and IT infrastructure development. We are open to solving all your tech challenges – from development management to software and hardware engineering projects.

Our domain expertise

PieSoft designers have extensive proficiency in various business domains to create perfect UX design solutions tailored to your industry specifics.

E-commerce &

Entertainment &

Logistics &

Construction &

Healthcare &

Finance &

How we build UX solutions

How we build UX solutions

1. Specify requirements & define the problem

2. Research & analyze

3. Explore competitors’ solutions

4. Develop personas & scenarios

5. Design user journey maps & user flows

6. Create information architecture

7. Build wireframes & prototypes

8. Test usability & iterate

UX audits we conduct

Our UX design consultants and developers conduct heuristic UX audits for different IT solutions to improve your communication with users.

Website UX audit

Web app UX audit

Mobile app UX audit

IoT app UX audit

E-commerce UX audit

Web portal UX audit

Design a flawless user experience with PieSoft

PieSoft’s UX design, audit, and development experts provide end-to-end services delivering state-of-the-art solutions that meet your users’ needs and make your business shine.

Contact our UX expert to enhance your website or application and succeed in the competitive market.


We are open to new challenging tasks and
we'd love to  learn more about your project.