UI design

User interface (UI) design is essential in strengthening your brand identity and embracing your distinct style. Through visually appealing and easy-to-use interfaces, you engage your target audience and uncover the true potential of your business. Whether you want to redesign an existing app or strive to build a new trendy one, PieSoft can cover your needs. We provide UI design services for web, desktop, and mobile applications, creating custom solutions or ensuring consulting assistance to elevate your business to the next level.

Why PieSoft

Ensure the clarity of your brand values by employing the experience and knowledge of PieSoft’s top design experts.


Diverse expertise

For over 10 years, our in-house professionals have created UI design solutions, addressing the needs of start-ups and different-sized companies from various industries. We deliver state-of-the-art projects to empower your business by bringing together our comprehensive expertise, best design practices, and modern techniques.


End-to-end services

PieSoft is a one-stop shop IT development company. We’ve got you covered no matter what technical challenge you need to resolve — be it app UI design, UX design and audit, software development from scratch, digital transformation, or IT infrastructure engineering. Bring your needs to the table, and we’ll find a robust technological solution of any scale. 


Value-focused approach

Whether you choose UI design consulting or development from scratch, PieSoft always focuses on the value your brand brings to the customers. We conduct thorough research on your target audience to achieve maximum effectiveness, align your brand identity with app visuals, and engage customers with your content.

How we build UI Design solutions

Providing end-to-end web and mobile UI design services, we work in multiple stages to build an eye-catching and easy-to-use solution.

1. Set design goals and collect requirements

2. Analyze the information and conduct research

3. Create a low-fidelity prototype (sketches & wireframes)

4. Select a design concept (icons, fonts, colors, mood boards, typography)

5. Build a high-fidelity prototype that looks like a final product

6. Test the prototype and look for issues 

7. Refine and update the prototype according to the test results

8. Transfer the prototype to the development team

Our domain expertise

We developed over 200 projects in a variety of business domains and have extensive proficiency in providing our clients with seamless UI design solutions tailored to their industry specifics. 

E-commerce &

Entertainment &

Logistics &

Construction &

Healthcare &

Finance &

UI design services we provide

Mobile UI design

Creating mobile app UI design, we focus on following guidelines to build impeccable intuitive interfaces that help your business move to the top of any store — whether it’s Google Play or the App Store. Want to target both of them? Our custom cross-platform design and development is the right fit for you. 

Web and desktop UI design

UI design is crucial for any web application, whether a standard business website or an employee portal. At PieSoft, we know how to create user-centered designs that ensure page-load optimization and provide maximum responsiveness to improve your online representation and internal business operations. 

UI redesign

Based on our broad experience in creating UI design solutions, we can redesign any outdated app or website to make your business stand out in the market and shine above the rest. Our designers skillfully combine classic methods and modern techniques to achieve flawless results that will benefit your business for years to come. 

UI design consulting

If you’re in doubt about whether you need a redesign or complete UI design services, our UI design consulting is the ideal choice for you. Address your challenges with PieSoft’s expert-level designers and receive a comprehensive consultancy from advancing your web or mobile UI design quality to starting UI development from scratch. 

Create impeccable UI design solutions with PieSoft

Discover the true potential of your business by building state-of-the-art UI design solutions for your mobile and web apps.

Contact our custom success manager to learn more about our UI design and consulting services and level up your online presence. 


We are open to new challenges and we'd love to learn more about your project.

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