Piesoft. Outsourcing software development services

Outsourcing software development services

PieSoft is your trustworthy software development outsourcing company to help you deal with any tech challenges your business may meet. Headquartered in the US, we develop in Poland, Georgia to deliver globally.

If you are looking for a one-word answer to your business challenges, PieSoft IT outsourcing services are the key. We help you reduce internal costs while allowing your company to focus on its core competencies.


Here are the top reasons why you should choose IT outsourcing services at PieSoft to develop your software and manage any IT processes your business needs.


High level of IT expertise

PieSoft software development outsourcing experts apply their best practices in all areas of modern development and technical support.

  • Java/Kotlin development
  • PHP development
  • Front-end development
  • DevOps
  • System integration / administration
  • Software testing
  • Business analysis / Project management

We have extensive experience in IT outsourcing, cooperating with many US and European companies. More than 200 companies developed their products with the PieSoft team. We design, improve, help your business work better and lift it to a new digital level.


No legal issues

There are five types of intellectual assets you may want to protect while building software with us, and we fully guarantee you the security of the following data.

  • Functional requirement specifications
  • Business process designs
  • Technology and data architectural plans
  • Algorithms and source code

The intellectual property protection policy reflects in such crucial documents as General Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Employee Confidentiality Contracts. To make our IT outsourcing services more nearshoring to you, PieSoft official representatives in the US and Poland are open to discussing legal or any other issues of concern with you personally.


Favorable geographic location

PieSoft stands out in the realm of outsourcing software development, strategically headquartered in Pennsylvania. This location is not just a geographical choice, but a strategic decision to harness Pennsylvania’s advanced telecommunication and data communication infrastructures. This enables us to maintain exceptional connectivity throughout all of America. By being based in Pennsylvania, we offer unique benefits to both local and continental businesses, positioning PieSoft as your go-to partner for cutting-edge outsourcing software solutions. Our emphasis on local collaboration is coupled with a commitment to facilitate smooth, efficient communication and project management. Opt for PieSoft, where proximity, efficiency, and technological prowess converge, offering unparalleled service right from the vibrant business hub of Pennsylvania.


We speak the same language

As a Pennsylvania-based company, we’re not just your local software development partner; we’re a gateway to global solutions. Our team is fluent in English and equipped to handle diverse time zones, ensuring smooth collaboration across all of America and beyond. We prioritize understanding your specific needs, ensuring that every product we deliver aligns perfectly with your expectations. With a keen focus on daily communication and meticulous double-checking of all workflows and information, we guarantee first-class results. Choose PieSoft for an outsourcing software development partner who truly speaks your language, both technically and culturally, making global software solutions local.


Full security

The PieSoft experienced IT outsourcing team has a high-quality project management system and a tried-and-true process for developing applications that eliminate any risks of security or authenticity. We conduct software development outsourcing under the highest standards for information security and establish clear regulations and guidelines to protect the privacy of the data you share with us. PieSoft’s intellectual property protection policy is covered in greater detail below.

Make PieSoft your reliable tech partner

Start working on any software development project with our top-tier IT outsourcing team to accelerate success for your business.

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