Piesoft. Supply Chain Management System

Supply Chain Management System

A customer approached the PieSoft software development team to develop a robust supply-chain management (SCM) system. They wanted to make their product lifecycle management more transparent and traceable, improve workflow efficiency and speed, and enhance cost control. Here is how we addressed the customer’s needs with a cutting-edge software solution. 


Our specialists knew this project was no small task, as supply-chain traceability is a crucial aspect of managing business operations when many parties are involved in product and service creation, order fulfillment, and information tracking. Therefore, the SCM needs to connect all pieces of the supply chain to keep you in control of your brand and contribute significantly to many companies’ and organizations’ sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.


The development team’s main challenge was to provide reliable software that would enable all members of the product management life cycle, such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation providers, and retailers, to easily track and verify goods at all vital production and retail stages.  


Our PieSoft team developed a reliable web and mobile service, providing information on the products registered in the system, including manufacturer and retailer information. Here, we include additional aspects in the solution to make the most out of it. 

Inventory tracking, so that facility members could track goods from the moment they were added to the system (manually or via API) all the way to the purchase moment by a final customer. 

The ability to assign QR codes to particular ID items of packages for further tracking purposes. 

The order module that allows customers to place orders from a particular manufacturer, central warehousing facility, or wholesaler.  

The powerful geolocation tracking, so you can see where the goods are at all times, from when they leave the manufacturer to the final retail point of sale and customer’s basket.  

The Android app that enables customers to scan the unique QR code and get information on the two locations where the items were tracked (original: manufacturer and final: retail point of sale). 

Integration with the customer’s database to provide daily information on the goods and updates on their status.   

Technologies used

Languages & frameworks

  • Java 11
  • Spark
  • React JS
  • Material UI
  • Spring Boot


  • MySQL


  • Microservices


In the end, the customer was thrilled with our PieSoft team’s solution. We created a reliable and safe verification tool that keeps the production and retail process on track, step-by-step. The solution’s major features spanned procurement, product lifecycle management, supply-chain planning (including inventory planning and the maintenance of enterprise assets and production lines), logistics (including transportation and fleet management), and order management. With this robust SCM solution, the customer and all their partners can track products from source to consumer and improve all vital internal and external operations. 

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