Shipment confirmation system for pharmacies


In today’s competitive pharmacy marketplace, delivery systems are among the crucial instruments of integrated management strategy. Like the product base, the delivery system plays an essential role in creating the value of the business for the Client. Hence the need for a shipment confirmation application system for pharmacies that, on the one hand, would be half a step ahead of the customers’ expectations and, on the other, would be mobile and easy-to-use.


PieSoft has developed a shipment confirmation system that is aimed at boosting communications with patients in order to receive confirmations timely from them for refills and initial fills for a vast network of drug stores all across the US.

Shipment Confirmation System (SCS) is a web application that provides automatic confirmation services for the network of US-based pharmacies. The application receives Patient Information via API (patient information is encrypted) and tries to obtain a confirmation from a patient. It will be hard mail/email/text message/phone call (by dialer or cs rep) based on settings and provided information. As soon as confirmation is received, the application sends it back to the company that requested it. There is also an option to make a cancellation request.

SCS can conventionally be divided into two parts: the pharmacy part and the part.

The main collaboration instrument between Pharmacy and the shipment confirmation application is the Pharmacy Refill Confirmation widget.

The developed system is Java 8 EE-based. The following technologies and frameworks were used: jQuery, Material-UI, JSON, AJAX, Spring MVC, Thymeleaf, Hibernate. Amazon Aurora DB and AmazonDynamo DB are used for data storage. The platform uses multiple Amazon services, particularly AWS ElasticBeanstalk, ElasticCache, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS.

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