Piesoft. International Banking Platform for SMEs 

International Banking Platform for SMEs 

Revolutionizing Financial Services for SMEs through an International Banking Platform

client: A leading financial institution focused on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) 

Revolutionizing Financial Services


Develop an international banking platform tailored for SMEs that facilitates access to financial services, supports entrepreneurs lacking start-up capital, and establishes an ecosystem uniting all players in the value chain.


PieSoft utilized a robust tech stack and a forward-thinking approach to create a comprehensive solution that caters to the specific needs of SMEs, empowering entrepreneurs and fostering growth in the B2B2C segment.

Technical approach

The project employed:


Spring Boot

Spring Cloud




Apache POI

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Access to financial services for entrepreneurs without start-up capital
  • A closed trading environment for the B2B2C segment
  • Facilitated communication between all participants in the value chain
  • Streamlined onboarding and account management processes

Development Process

The development process involved


Collaborating with stakeholders to identify specific business requirements and objectives


Designing the platform architecture and selecting appropriate technology stack components


Implementing new features and functionalities in line with project requirements


Conducting integration testing to ensure seamless compatibility between different components


Identifying and resolving bugs and issues through a rigorous bug-fixing process

Results and Impact

The international banking platform has successfully delivered a comprehensive solution for SMEs in need of financial services. By facilitating access to essential financial resources, the platform has empowered over 1,000 entrepreneurs without start-up capital to launch their businesses, resulting in a 30% increase in SME growth. 

Moreover, the closed trading environment provided by the platform has nurtured the growth of SME ecosystems, with over 2,500 businesses joining the B2B2C segment, fortifying relationships between participants in the value chain, and promoting the overall health of the sector.


The development of the international banking platform has revolutionized how SMEs access financial services, helping to overcome common barriers to entry for entrepreneurs without start-up capital. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking approach, PieSoft has laid the foundation for a new era of financial inclusion and growth in the SME sector. 


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