Piesoft. Medical CRM System

Medical CRM System

PieSoft has developed a medical CRM system – a custom web solution developed for companies that supply durable medical equipment and units for diabetes testing.


The Customer is a large, nationally recognized, and accredited healthcare organization. The company’s extensive network in the United States, in particular, provides a variety of portable healthcare devices and diabetes testing supplies.

The Customer addressed PieSoft with the request to develop a medical CRM solution – a web application that will optimize the company’s interaction with current and potential customers and enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of the management system.


The medical CRM system delivered by PieSoft provides authorized partners with a web interface for customer relationship management services. The medical CRM enables the following key business processes:

Primary contact with the client

Automatization of payment and delivery processes

Determining clients’ interests

Reports generation

Cooperation with clinicians

Sales outcome analysis

Cooperation with insurance companies

Optimization of daily tasks

Ensured brand compliance

For a healthcare company focused on high-quality technologies, customer service, and state-of-the-art facilities that increase the safety, efficiency, and comfort in individual healthcare environments, look and feel consistency over all its customers and partners is essential to brand consistency.

The medical CRM system’s UI fully corresponds to the Customer’s branding and ensures a positive user experience.


The medical supply chain CRM system delivered by PieSoft provides authorized partners with a web interface to customer relationship management services. The CRM system for medical supply chain management enables the following key business processes:

Libraries & frameworks

  • Symfony2
  • Bootstrap


  • MySQL
  • PervasiveSQL
  • DynamoDB

Data exchange

  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • Medicare
  • SureScripts
  • RelayHealth
  • Cerner Multum
  • Brightree
  • Forte Interactive Voice Response
  • Noble Direct
  • Voice Broadcasting Corp.


  • SOAP
  • Rest API
  • JSON
  • WebSockets


The application was fully deployed and is currently meeting the customer’s fundamental goals – driving sales, facilitating cooperation, and complementing operations of the company’s authorized partners in all different sectors of the healthcare industry.

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