More than a glucometer: a portable sugar control system

Global HealthCare Management LLC is a US company specializing in providing a broad spectrum of marketing services in the medical and healthcare industries. Their business development team has approached PieSoft to create not just another portable glucometer but a complex hardware solution for daily blood sugar levels.


More than a glucometer: portable sugar control system

Step 1. Miniature device to be shared with mobile phones


To create the most efficient circuit for converting the audio signal to supply voltage and minimize power consumption.


The main feature of the device is no power source of its own. There is no need for batteries and accumulators, constant replacement, and risk of discharge at the moment of urgency. The device connects to the headphone jack, is powered through it, and communicates with the phone. The device size was one of the smallest existing analogs. Some electronic components have been developed specifically for this project to achieve this.

A prototype made worked stably on about 90% of the mobile device models available on the market. After that, PieSoft team prepare the project for mass production.

Step 2. Measuring sensor: Glucometer test strips


To solve various technological problems when manufacturing a blood glucometer test strip due to its component’s small (tenths of a millimeter) dimensions and the repeatability of measurement results by sensors.


We developed high-level glucometer test strips with the best analogs characteristics: measurement time up to 5 s, accuracy up to 10%, thickness up to 0.3 mm, required amount of blood for measurement up to 2 μg, temperature from -20 to 50 degrees. PieSoft produced the chemical enzyme with the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk. We designed the plastic backing and the conductive pattern to match the connectors available on the market and its measurement circuit. Measuring stands and a set of accessories for small-scale glucometer test strips production have been prepared.

More than a glucometer: portable sugar control system

Step 3. Independent glucometer device with its own screen


To create a measurement scheme for sensors of our design.


Independent glucometer was developed in parallel to the glucometer test strips in addition to the miniature device. When creating the device design and user interface, we closely communicated with people with diabetes, discussing the convenience of implementing this or that functionality. The blood glucometer body and LCD screen are of our own design. Bluetooth Low Energy for pairing with smartphones. Energy-efficient microcontrollers and firmware optimizations for maximum battery life.

Glucometer as a portable sugar control system

Step 4. IT infrastructure


To create IT infrastructure for mobile applications personal accounts on the Internet, provide an option of sending glucometer measurements to a doctor for diagnostics.


PieSoft has developed mobile applications for IOS and Android, indication and storage of glucometer measurement results, synchronization with the cloud on AWS resources.

Stack of technologies

HW platform: Microchip PIC18, Nordic nRF, ST STM32 MCU families

Programming languages: C, Assembler

Communication: Bluetooth LE, USB, custom protocol via the audio port

Measurements: Instrumentation Amplifier

Custom HW components: LCD, transformer, strip connector, 3.5 jack connector

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