CRM system for insurance company


The web application was designed for the health insurance companies running their business on the territory of the USA. One of the basic tasks of the future CRM was to improve customer service and help the companies successfully manage their interactions with clients, providing the first ones with highly innovative and flexible tools to form a rational and emotional connection with their customers.


An essential aspect of the insurance company’s business is knowing who they’re dealing with. That means realising who your clients are, what they aim at and how to deliver them the services they’re looking for. To do this, as well as to ensure the platform’s full-scale operational work it was decided to adhere to multi-level hierarchy system of organizations that carry out insurance services. The platform provides data analysis, reports generation on all activity stages for all system users levels. It as well reflects business model of US insurance company and can be applied to any organization of this business domain.

The system includes a range of modules that can be used by various departments of insurance companies on any stage of business workflow:

  • certification and accreditation of agents and agencies;
  • marketing and sales department, commission payment module;
  • module of clients’ accounts management;
  • reports module;
  • companies’ administration module.

The developed solution is a unique platform that storages data of medical insurance body both on vertical and horizontal levels.

The platform is integrated with the federal level resources required to approve the data received from the third party. Previously such controls were done manually by sending requests to federal bodies.

The platform is PHP7/Symfony 3 framework based. The following technologies and frameworks were used Bootstrap, Composer, JSON, AJAX, Doctrine, TWIG, XML, LESS. MySQL 5.7 for storing data. The application is integrated with “National Insurance Register of the USA” (, as well as with Amazon S3 for user files storage and sending email out of the application.

The system was developed as SaaS, meaning that will be used by an unlimited number of organizations.


The system was successfully launched, and its operational period demonstrated that it fully carries out the mail task imposed by the Customer – to provide the insurance company, including all its departments, subsidiaries and partners, with the wide range of services available to work in the most suited for a client way.

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