Piesoft. Automated Photography Solution for Leisure Resorts 

Automated Photography Solution for Leisure Resorts 

PRoject in a nutshell

PieSoft developed an automated photography system for leisure resorts, aimed at capturing guest experiences without intrusion or the need for personal intervention. This project was initiated to seamlessly integrate photography into resort activities, ensuring guests can enjoy their moments fully while still having those memories captured. 

CLIENT & Challange

Our client, a leisure resort operator, faced a common issue: how to offer guests a way to get high-quality photos of their experiences without the hassle of arranging photography themselves. They wanted a non-intrusive, efficient solution that could operate in various resort environments and handle dynamic, active scenes. 

Technical Highlights

RFID and Imaging Technology

The project utilized high-frequency RFID readers capable of detecting tags from up to 30 meters away and at speeds up to 140 km/h. This technology ensured that guests were photographed precisely at the right moment, regardless of their speed or the resort’s environmental conditions. 

Image Processing Techniques

To guarantee the capture of the best possible image, the system employed image processing technologies, including serial shooting and automatic selection of the best shot from a series of images taken before and after the RFID tag’s detection moment. 

No-Flash Photography 

A significant innovation of the project was the decision to forego flash in photography. This approach not only avoided disturbing guests with blinding flashes but also posed additional technical challenges, such as the need for cameras with highly sensitive sensors and low shutter speeds to capture clear images of fast-moving subjects in natural light. 

Noise Reduction and Image Enhancement 

The team developed advanced noise reduction and image enhancement algorithms to ensure high-quality images under the challenging lighting conditions of no-flash photography. 

Outcomes and Innovations 

Automated Content Generation 

The system was designed to operate entirely autonomously, from capturing photos and videos with variable frame rates to processing and uploading high-quality content to guests’ personal galleries. This innovation offered a seamless experience for resort visitors and a hands-off operation for resort management. 

Remote Management and Reliability 

Given the remote locations of many resorts and the potential for challenging internet connectivity, the project included features for device reliability and remote management. This included queue systems for storing data until a stable connection was available, ensuring no photographs were lost. 

Unit Management System 

A crucial component of the project was the development of a unit management system that allowed for the centralized control and monitoring of the camera units installed across various resorts. This system enabled remote troubleshooting, firmware updates, and the management of operational errors, significantly reducing the need for on-site maintenance. 

Business Value 

The introduction of this automated photography system provided significant value to our client. It enhanced the guest experience by offering a hassle-free way to obtain professional-quality photos, increasing guest satisfaction and engagement. Furthermore, the system created a new revenue stream for the resort, as guests could purchase high-resolution images as souvenirs. The technology also reduced the need for on-site photographers, allowing resources to be allocated more efficiently elsewhere. 


PieSoft’s automated photography system represents a significant step forward in enhancing guest experiences at leisure resorts. By combining innovative RFID and imaging technologies with smart software solutions, we delivered a system that captures memorable moments with minimal guest effort. This project not only met the client’s needs but also set a new standard for integrating technology into the leisure and hospitality industry. 


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