Piesoft. React.JS Developer

React.JS Developer

We are PieSoft, an international company that develops digital products and solutions of various complexity levels for global start-ups and existing businesses. We have extensive expertise in US health care and insurance services, but our interests do not end there. We are now actively looking for a ReactJS Developer for our progressive team of front-end developers.



Your chances to join our front-end team are great if you 

  • Use positive and professional communication skills in your workplace. 
  • Have knowledge and experience in ReactJS / VueJS and React Redux. 
  • Understand the principles of RESTful and REST API. 
  • Can write HTML and CSS and use jquery like an expert. 
  • Systems thinking, responsibility, and independence come easily to you. 
  • Are familiar with Bootstrap 3 and React Bootstrap firsthand. 
  • Possess good English-speaking skills. 

Join Us

At PieSoft, we strive to create and maintain an informal, yet professional work culture based on transparency, collaboration, regular feedback, and continuous learning. If this professional environment sounds like a good fit for you, then please send us your resume. From there, we will contact you, chat in the format of a video call, and provide honest and timely feedback. 

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