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PieSoft business analysis services significantly influence your product's success and shorten the time to market. Solidifying and consolidating the scattered visions of the project, we make your business analysis plan tough-minded and profitable. Our business analysis experts control the software development flow at every stage of the process, from preliminary ideas to IT system engineering.

The agile business analysis approach helps us serve as an interlink between the client and the development team, building a strong and effective relationship. At PieSoft, we aim to ensure the implementation of every project aspect according to your business needs and requirements.



Meet your business objectives

Defining the business analysis plan, we ensure that your project is implemented on time and within budget. PieSoft IT business analysis experts verify that the software will consider stakeholder requirements and help you achieve the business goals with our proposed technologies and methods.


Build bridges with stakeholders

With our analysts’ communicative skills, PieSoft overcomes the gap between the parties involved and enables them to contribute to software development to the same extent. We fulfill the targets of stakeholders, bringing each one the same benefits when your solution launches.


Distribute expenses efficiently

Information technology business analysis allows estimating the project and defining the scope at the earliest stages to eliminate the extra work, thus avoiding redundancy and waste. Having a business analysis plan, you set a solid foundation for cost-effective development.


What should you expect from the business analysis in new product development?

Documentation development

Software requirement audit

Technical research

Competition analysis

SWOT analysis

Return on investment (ROI) calculation

Industry-specific strategic analysis

Structured data on market potential


1. Proof of Concept

Is the idea practical? What will the users feel about it? What do you need to build it? We can solve these and other questions by creating a robust proof of concept that reinforces the feasibility of the methods chosen.

2. Determining project requirements

Cost, schedule, and scope are three critical constraints of any project that needs an exuberant amount of time for development, analysis, and optimization to result in one winning decision.

3. Writing a Technical Specification

A product specification is a blueprint that precisely describes what you’re building, whom you’re creating it for, and what the outcome should be. We verify the technical viability and identify potential bottlenecks.

4. Architecture your idea

Between building preliminary ideas and layouts, we evaluate your high-level design needs and options or engineer software architecture from scratch, so you will end up with the product you expect.

5. Selecting the best technologies

We handle the choices every creator faces: native versus cross-platform? Knockout or React? It’s no longer a dilemma since our architects consider the alternatives and advise you on technologies that work for your product.

Enhance your development with PieSoft

PieSoft business analysis services play a key role in efficient product development. Relying on our almost a decade of experience, we determine your requirements and create an effective plan to build a robust solution for your business.

Contact our IT business analysis expert to learn more about our services and rocket your business with PieSoft.


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