Piesoft. Smart Curtain Control System Development

Smart Curtain Control System Development

Project in a Nutshell

PieSoft recently completed a project to develop the software for a smart curtain control system, utilizing the ESP32 microcontroller and programming in C. This system was designed to offer users a convenient way to manage their window coverings through mobile and web applications, as well as through integration with popular smart home platforms.

Client & Challenge

Our client, a leading provider in the home automation sector, sought to diversify their product offerings with a smart curtain solution. The key challenge was to design a system that not only offered seamless remote control and scheduling but also ensured compatibility with established smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit. The client emphasized the importance of a system that could easily integrate into users’ daily routines, providing both convenience and energy efficiency.


The cornerstone of our solution was the ESP32 microcontroller, chosen for its robust performance, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. Our development team, utilizing the C programming language, crafted firmware that allowed for precise control over curtain movement, scheduling functionality, and responsive adjustments based on environmental changes.
Key features of our smart curtain control system include:

Remote Operation

Users can open or close their curtains from anywhere, using a dedicated mobile or web app.


Homeowners can set schedules for their curtains to automatically adjust at certain times of the day, enhancing privacy and energy efficiency by optimizing natural light usage

Voice Control Integration

By integrating with platforms like Apple HomeKit, our system supports voice commands through devices like Siri, making control as simple as speaking a command.

Easy Installation and Setup

Designed with user experience in mind, our system ensures a hassle-free setup process, allowing users to quickly integrate smart curtains into their existing home automation ecosystem.

Technical Highlights

ESP32 Microcontroller

Offers a perfect blend of power and efficiency, providing reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration with home networks and devices.

C Programming

Ensures a stable and efficient operation of the firmware, allowing for complex control logic and integration capabilities with various APIs and home automation protocols.

Business Value

This smart curtain control system not only positions our client as an innovator in home automation but also addresses the growing demand for smart home products that enhance users’ quality of life. The system’s flexibility, ease of use, and integration capabilities open new markets and opportunities for our client, while providing end-users with an invaluable tool for home management.


PieSoft’s smart curtain control system exemplifies our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems. By combining the ESP32’s capabilities with expert C programming, we’ve delivered a product that enriches the smart home ecosystem and sets a new standard for convenience and efficiency in home automation. This project underscores our ability to meet and exceed client expectations, driving forward innovation in the smart home industry.


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