Piesoft. Advanced Inductor Control System Development

Advanced Inductor Control System Development

Project in a Nutshell

PieSoft has completed the development of an advanced control system for inductors, utilizing the robust capabilities of the NXP RT microcontroller series and leveraging the efficiency of C programming. This project aims to enhance operational control and monitoring for industrial inductors, crucial for optimizing metal heating and treatment processes.

Client Needs & Challenges

Faced with the need for precise temperature management and real-time operational insights, our client – manufacturer of industrial heating equipment – sought a sophisticated solution to control their inductors. They required a system that could deliver pinpoint accuracy, seamless integration with existing setups, and flexibility for a range of applications.

Solution Provided

Selecting the NXP RT microcontroller for its superior performance and real-time processing abilities, we engineered a system that offers:

Precision Contro

Ensures exact temperature management, vital for the process’s effectiveness and the quality of the output.

Real-Time Monitoring

Facilitates ongoing oversight of inductor performance, including critical parameters like temperature and power usage, enabling immediate adjustments.

Versatile Integration

Crafted for easy incorporation into diverse industrial environments, with comprehensive support for various communication standards for enhanced interoperability

Programming in C allowed our team to maximize the microcontroller’s potential, creating a dependable and flexible control system.

Technical Details

NXP RT Microcontroller

Chosen for its reliable ARM Cortex-M architecture, providing the necessary computational power and real-time capabilities required for intricate control tasks

C Programming

Offers system stability and the ability to implement complex algorithms and communication protocols efficiently.

Outcome & Business Value

Our inductor control system’s deployment has greatly elevated the operational efficiency of our client’s heating processes. Benefits include heightened precision in heat applications, enhanced quality control, and decreased energy consumption. Its broad applicability and integration ease have made it a key asset for process optimization across various industrial contexts.


This project underlines PieSoft’s capacity to develop tailored control solutions for specialized industrial applications. By harnessing the NXP RT microcontroller and utilizing C for system programming, we have supplied a solution that not only meets the rigorous requirements of industrial heating but also offers scalability and precision, reinforcing our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.


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