Hardware development

PieSoft offers a variety of engineering services, as well as hardware development and design consultancy. We understand that technical risk and time to market may be a challenging barriers for a new startup or rapidly developing company. That’s why we are here to help you succeed. Our hardware engineers can provide turnkey product and system development, bringing the design to a working prototype and then migrating the design to a mass production solution. Backed by 10 years of experience, our company assists businesses in building efficient and cost-effective hardware solutions. PieSoft offers top-notch services, such as electronic hardware development, embedded software engineering, and expert design consultancy to cover all your hardware needs.

Our designs are based on the latest technologies, including multilayer boards, high-speed applications, characteristic impedance control, ROHS-compliant products, and high-density board layouts. In addition, an essential part of our hardware development cycle is the 3D PCB modeling process to accelerate mechanical design.

hardware development for startups

Hardware development for startups

The path from the initial idea to the final product is challenging for everyone, particularly for the start-ups that focus on seamless custom hardware development for their innovative ideas. Intrust your hardware development process to PieSoft professionals or augment your exciting team with our hardware development expert – and get ahead.

Custom hardware development for businesses

Custom hardware development for businesses

Are you fed up with adapting ready-made hardware products on the market and ready to get a turnkey solution to meet your business needs, scalable and free of costly upgrades? PieSoft hardware developers are here at your disposal to achieve product quality, on-time delivery, and successful business scale-up.

End-to-end hardware development solution

End-to-end solution

PieSoft is a full-service IT company with 100+ highly qualified hardware and software developers, DevOps, business analysts, and web designers. We design integration architecture, implement the solution, offer further support services, and provide a reliable web environment to run your business online successfully.

Hardware development services we offer

Hardware design

Hardware design

Our top-class hardware engineers have a wide range of skills and extensive experience to meet your needs. Thinking of incremental embedded hardware development? Then we can design electronic hardware, enclosure, PCB, or offer FPGA design services. Need to assemble a full-scale electronic device? Great! PieSoft hardware developers will guide you from concept design to trial and mass production. Given below are some of the highlights and bullet points on what we can be helpful with:

  • Electronic circuit design
  • PCB layout development
  • PCB simulations
  • FPGA design
  • Electronic system design
  • Enclosure design
Embedded software

Embedded software

As a full-range software and hardware development company, PieSoft creates embedded applications, firmware, middleware, device drivers, and sophisticated embedded software solutions for enterprise-grade IoT systems. Catch up on some of the key points we are especially experienced in:

  • Firmware development
  • Human machines interface development
  • Middleware and custom drivers
  • Smart home systems
  • Bluetooth apps
  • Sensor solutions
IoT solutions

IoT solutions

PieSoft hardware development team has extensive experience building vast networks of IoT devices. We help you drive innovation, reduce complexity, and improve operational efficiency across all stages of custom hardware development for growth opportunities. Discover the key issues we can quickly solve:

  • Wearable gadgets
  • Converting analog to digital
  • Back-end infrastructure
  • Industrial IoT systems
  • IoT apps and software
  • Data warehousing and analytics
hardware development plan

The bigger the idea is, the more resources you need to involve for its successful implementation. With PieSoft, you may dream up your solution as big as you need. At your request, we’ll prepare the whole web and mobile environment for your devices, build you the most affordable and effective cloud solution, and provide reliable DevOps support. Just check out what we can do for you.

Web app development

  • Payment solutions
  • Portal development
  • Intelligent bot apps
  • Social networks
  • Digital asset management systems
  • Enterprise web systems

Mobile solutions

  • Enterprise mobile apps
  • Multimedia distribution
  • Smart devices & wearables
  • VoIP app development
  • Digital image processing
  • Social networks

Cloud solution

  • Cloud app development
  • Cloud consulting
  • IoT cloud solutions
  • Cloud deployment service
  • Cloud infrastructure organization
  • Migration to cloud
  • Cloud integration
  • DevOps

If you want to learn more about PieSoft software development to augment your current hardware development plan, study our software development services or address us directly. We’d love to hear your ideas and offer you the most appropriate solution for their kickstarting launch.

Our key domains

Industrial electronics


Consumer devices




Measurement systems




RFID-based systems


Why PieSoft hardware development

Complex approach

We do not expect a ready-made task in Jira from you so that we could start programming your idea, and nothing more. Instead, it’s enough for you just to state the concept, and we’ll help you find the most effective ways to turn it into a serial product or a working complex, depending on your requirements.

Top in-house R&D experts

Our Research and Development team’s expertise covers the entire electronic hardware development stack, from idea to production. At the same time, each engineer has their own competence, as well as a broad outlook and understanding of any related development processes. Which allows:

  • Exclude technical solutions that would complicate the hardware product development process.
  • Cross-validate the results gained from other project participants, reducing errors and misleadings in the early stages.
  • Assess the risks when choosing specific technical solutions during the hardware development cycle.

Full-stack development

PieSoft has a large team of experienced design and QA engineers, web developers, DevOps, and development management experts. Our specialists are at your disposal to provide you with a complete software and hardware development stack and help you go beyond “just another” device.

Our stack of technologies

Software development

  • Embedded Linux solutions / MCU firmware development
  • Languages: C/C++, Python, JavaScript
  • HW Platforms: Raspberry Pi, STM32, NNP iMX series
  • Low-level hardware interfaces (i.e. SPI, I2C, USB)
  • Backend: NodeJS
  • Frontend: React
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite
  • Web services: Amazon S3
  • Communication: MQTT, WebSocket
  • Image processing: OpenCV

Hardware development

Schematic design experience
  • Microprocessor-based systems
  • Microcontroller based systems
  • FPGA based systems
  • OpAmp analog circuits
  • IDE: Altium Designer, Mentor Graphics Xpedition, Cadence OrCad
PCB design experience
  • Multilayer, flex, rigid-flex PCBs
  • High-speed digital interfaces (DDR3, Eth, PCIe, USB, etc)
  • Analog boards with OpAmps, measurement circuits
  • Power boards, up to 60A/trace currents
  • Power integrity simulations
  • Signal integrity simulations
  • IDE: Altium Designer, Mentor Graphics Xpedition, Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx
Mechanical design experience
  • Parametric 3D modeling
  • Thermal simulations
  • Flow simulations
  • IDE: Solidworks
Manufacturing experience
  • Experience with ordering PCBs, Mechanical parts, and Electronic components (connectors, transformers)
  • Interaction with manufacturers in different countries (Belarus, Russia, China, USA)
  • Possibilities of small-series production and testing, work with BGA and climate-sensitive components

Need hardware development services for your start-up or business? PieSoft can help! We design and implement hardware solutions, provide integration scenarios, further support services, and a reliable web environment to run your business online successfully. Entrust your software and hardware development to professionals and let your idea move the world.

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